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New game Mode: Sheogorath's Chaos Arena and a new set of cards

By: Ashmore 2 days ago
Chaos Arena is the new game mode announced today by Dire Wolf and it will be playable from December 14 through December 19, it also comes with ten new cards!
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Two tournaments to play in this week end

By: Ashmore 4 days ago
Two tournaments are taking place on Saturday December 10th: Evening Star in Solitude organized by TESL Championship series and a Prince Tournament by the Legends Discord channel.
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November Card Reward: Battlereeve of Dusk

By: Ashmore 2 weeks ago
Battlereeve of Dusk is November's monthly reward. Start theorycrafting new decks now.
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Balance Patch: 1.59.7 now live!

By: Ashmore 3 weeks ago
Major balance changes were made and they are now live and we also now have an ingame chat!
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Balance Patch coming this week

By: Ashmore 3 weeks ago
In a tweet posted yesterday, Bethesda said that the new balance patch everyone is waiting for will be released this week.
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