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October Card Reward revealed: Mechanical Ally

By: Ashmore 2 days ago
This month's ranked reward card was revealed today on NumotTheNummy's stream. Can this card make the Dwemer archetype viable? Let's find out!
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Wrothgar Ascension Tournament - Stream Time & Top 4 deck lists!

By: Ashmore 2 weeks ago
Be sure to tune in here: TESL Champion Series Sunday 2pm EST / 8pm CEST for the semi-finals and final of the tournament!
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Patch Note: 1.59.3, Letter From the Devs

By: Ashmore 3 weeks ago
Balance patch for the following cards: Shockin Wamasu, Mantikora. A few rarity changes and bugs fixed.
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Weekly Recap: September 26th 2016

By: Ashmore 3 weeks ago
Decks popularity breakdown, popular decks this week, theroycrafting with Hist Grove and TESL Championship series tournament #4: Ascension to Wrothgar.
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Patch is Live: Starter pack for $4.99, Alternative art cards revealed

By: Ashmore 1 month ago
The new patch is live, new menu, Starter pack and alternative art cards!
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