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16 new cards revealed

By: Ashmore 1 hour ago
16 new Heroes of Skyrim cards were revealed through an article. Dragons, Shout, Werewolf and a Snack.
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Exclusive card reveal: Studious Greybeard

By: Ashmore 1 day ago
Here is legends-decks exclusive Heroes of Skyrim card reveal: Studious Greybeard.
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Heroes of Skyrim new card revealed

By: Ashmore 2 days ago
Wildfire Dragon was revealed by Charm3r in his latest video.
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Legends-decks update: Collection import and deck export

By: Ashmore 3 days ago
We're happy to announce that we're partnering up with extesy and his Deck Tracker to offer you new quality of life features. Today, we're launching the Collection Importer and the Deck Exporter.

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New Heroes of Skyrim cards revealed

By: Ashmore 3 days ago
Three cards were revealed today coming from Justin Larson, DragonTamerBlayde and TES: Legends subreddit.
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