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New card revealed: Wrath of Sithis

By: Ashmore 1 hour ago
Another card was revealed today by TES:L Champion Series during their tournament: Wrath of Sithis.
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New card revealed: The Black Dragon

By: Ashmore 14 hours ago
Pete Hines revealed a new card during the latest Bethesda's live stream: The Black Dragon.
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New card revealed: Speaker Terenus

By: Ashmore 1 day ago
Up to TES: L Champion series to reveal their card: Speaker Terenus. Also, don't miss out their tournament on saturday 25th, at 2PM EDT.
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New card revealed: Skooma Underboss

By: Ashmore 1 day ago
The youtuber Haughington has revealed a new card: Skooma Underboss.
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New Card Reveal: Astrid

By: Ashmore 2 days ago
This time, it's the turn of Santosvella, a french streamer, to reveal his card: Astrid.
As of today, the game is also available everywhere on iPad!
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