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Chaos Arena returns for Monthly Madness

By: Ashmore 5 days ago
Chaos Arena will return every month. This month's Chaos Arena will begin Friday, January 20 and end Monday, January 23.
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Letter From the Devs - January 2017 / Balance Changes

By: Ashmore 1 week ago
Balance changes are coming for the following cards: Crystal Tower Crafter, Dune Smuggler, Dune Stalker, Pillaging Tribune, Snake Tooth Necklace, Slaughterfish Spawning, Slaughterfish, Soulrest Marshal and Hist Grove.
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Patch 1.60

By: Ashmore 1 month ago
The changes for Burn and Pillage, the ring of Magicka and a lot of other Quality of Life improvements are now official and will be available today.
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December's monthly reward is: Elsweyr Lookout

By: Ashmore 1 month ago
Elsweyr Lookout is december's montly reward and has now been added to our database, we've also made the changes for Burn and Pillage.
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New cards, new pack, new alternative arts! Chaos Arena unveiled

By: Ashmore 1 month ago
We've had an Early access to the Chaos Arena event! Here's everything we found out!
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