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By: MightyGorgon
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Posted: 1 year ago, edited 1 year ago
1. Important notes
Hello everybody! I'm MightyGorgon a multiple-times legend TESL player and card game fan. I also like statistics in general, so I thought I could collect some statistics as regards the popularity of the cards used in the decks created on this site.

Important notes:
  • My research is based solely on the statistics of (though I think it reflects truely the actual meta of the game because of the popularity of this site). Let me thank you here Ashmore and all the contributors of this site for hosting the community forum and the deck creator!
  • I will list the top3 most popular cards of every attribute and the least used one too. In addition I collected the data of every Ally card and will mention the most used legendary card for every color too.
  • I did not take into consideration non-upgraded cards.
  • As I'm eager to publish this article, now I will write only the raw numbers of the statistics, but I hope I will have the time to edit them and complement the article with some interesting things that I found (ex.: some card preferences over others, an immaginary most popular deck made of the most popular cards, etc.).

The #1 tag indicates that it could be interesting to analyze the changes in the popularity of certain cards in the future too so this snapshot can be a point of reference. In my opinion a further snapshot can be released after a major nerf or (more probably) after a new expansion will be released.

EDIT: I have implemented the modifications of Ashmore, so the numbers now should be OK.

So let's jump into the details!
2. Strength
Most used cards:
  1. Rapid Shot: 51% in all Strength decks (272/535 appearances)
  2. Triumphant Jarl: 50%
  3. Earthbone Spinner: 43%

Least used card: Jerall Forager: one single appearance in 535 Strength decks (no surprises :) )!

Most popular legendary: Blood Dragon: 30%

Mighty Ally: 13%
3. Intelligence
Most used cards:
  1. Lightning Bolt: 85% (740/872 appearances in all Intelligence decks, record amongst all of the cards!)
  2. Firebolt: 67%
  3. Brutal Ashlander: 55%

Least used card: Farsight Nereid: one single appearance in 872 Intelligence decks (no surprises :) )!

Most popular legendary: Daggerfall Mage: 33%

Cunning Ally: 45%
4. Willpower
Most used cards:
  1. Piercing Javelin: 83% (661/798 appearances in all Willpower decks)
  2. Divine Fervor: 60%
  3. Eastmarch Crusader: 48%

Least used card: Alpha Wolf: 2/798

Most popular legendary: Dawn's Wrath: 17% (137/798 appearances, while Miraak, Dragonborn is also at 17% with 134/798 appearances!

Resolute Ally: 16%
5. Agility
Most used cards:
  1. Fighters Guild Recruit: 79% (655/831 appearances in all Agility decks)
  2. Ungolim the Listener: 64%
  3. Tazkad the Packmaster: 59%

Least used card: Helstrom Footpad: 8/831

Most popular legendary: Ungolim the Listener: 64% (made it to the top3 with another legendary, Tazkad the Packmaster!)

Nimble Ally: 14%
6. Endurance
Most used cards:
  1. Shadowfen Priest: 71% (494/697 appearances in all Endurance decks)
  2. Wind Keep Spellsword: 59%
  3. Preserver of the Root: 47%

Least used card: Elixir of Vigor: one single appearance in 697 Endurance decks!

Most popular legendary: Nahagliiv: 42%

Stalwart Ally: 10%
7. + bonus chapter: Neutral and Dual cards
Most used Neutral cards:
  1. Crushing Blow: 44% (829/1900 appearances in all decks)
  2. Odahviing: 18%
  3. Slaughterfish Spawning: 9% (with 175 appearances, not far from Vicious Dreugh also with 9% but only 164 appearances)

Least used card: Ferocious Dreugh: 7/1900

Most popular legendary: Odahviing: 18%

For fun purposes: Mechanical Ally: 1% (15/1900 appearances)

Most popular [dual] legendary: Ayrenn: 63% (161 times in 257 Mage decks)
Most popular [dual] epic: Edict of Azura: 81% (189 times in 232 Spellsword decks)

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Ashmore 1 year ago
Ok, your comment on the amount of Crushing Blow made me realize something was odd and...hmm...indeed, the way I was counting the single attribute / non-neutral cards was wrong, It is now fixed.
The percent remains pretty much the same but the numbers are now correct.
I'm giving you the values post-change so you can update your article:
No changes for Neutral and Dual cards.

Rapid Shot: 272/535 of Strength decks (51 %)
Triumphant Jarl: 267/535 of Strength decks (50 %)
Earthbone Spinner: 230/535 of Strength decks (43 %)

Lightning Bolt: 740/872 of Intelligence decks (85 %)
Firebolt: 581/872 of Intelligence decks (67 %)
Brutal Ashlander: 481/872 of Intelligence decks (55 %)

Javelin: 661/798 of Willpower decks (83 %)
Divine Conviction: 475/798 of Willpower decks (60 %)
Eastmarch: 383/798 of Willpower decks (48 %)

Fighters Guild Recruit: 655/831 of Agility decks (79 %)
Ungolim: 528/831 of Agility decks (64 %)
Tazkad: 492/831 of Agility decks (59 %)

Shadowfen Priest: 494/697 of Endurance decks (71 %)
Wind keep Spellsword: 412/697 of Endurance decks (59 %)
Preserver of the Root: 327/697 of Endurance decks (47 %)

That's my bad :)

And Thanks a lot for your kind words.
Changes implemented!
Solair3 1 year ago
Great stuff, keep it up!
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Thank you! I'll keep an eye on the changes of the stats and will make notes of major changes in the future.
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