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By: Jolt
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Posted: 1 year ago, edited 1 year ago
1. About Me
I am new to this game and am not that amazing at constructed because I do not have the cards to make a full meta decklist. Now, that being said, I still love this game a lot and the mechanics keep drawing me back to playing it. I do not enjoy constructed as much because I do not have the materials necessary to succeed. This has lead me to the arena, where your library is irrelevant.
2. Arena Meta
Now I love this site a lot, but I can tell that it has almost no representation of Arena stats or tips of the sort. I would like for this post to be somewhere one can come to learn about arena; i.e. How to draft, what class to choose over others, is fighting for board more important or is face damage?

I am a decent arena player but I find that I am not the best so if anyone has tips please leave comments or even start an in depth thread of your own on arena mechanics. I can give tips to newer players getting into arena but I still do not have the most knowledge of the game to tell what classes are better or specific cards to draft for.

I would love if this could become a topic on this site so we can learn about how to be better arena players as a community.

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Áron Fülöp 1 year ago
I'm interested in this topic too. I'm not a big arena player, but I think prophecy cards are powerful because you have less cards in arena, I pick them often. I like to fight for the board, because I think the enemy has less chance to have powerful control cards in arena. I always try to draft a bit control and face damage. I like card draws too, i think its strong if you play with not a constructed deck. I noticed that arena players like to smash my face, so I used to pick more low mana cost cards.
I hope we will see other comments because It's just my opinion.
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