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By: Daz
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Posted: 2 months ago, edited 2 months ago
1. Introduction
As a lot of people seem to struggle to beat solo arena after reaching rank 1, I decided a few weeks ago to start milling every deck I see to obtain the full list of the cards which they use. After about 50 runs of 9 wins each, I have compiled the results thus far. Not every decklist is here, as there is a lot of RNG when it comes to which decks I face, therefore I will add more over time if I find any new ones.

If anyone is still having trouble drafting or winning in solo arena, feel free to message me in game (IGN: DazDragon) on Reddit (DazzDragon) or on here and I will see if I can help in any way. In general though, you want to curve very low (at least half the deck 1-3 drops) with a lot of guards, drains and removal; with a few late game threats to close the match. My preferred class is monk (yellow and green) which fit all of these criteria very well.

I have also added each individual deck as a link below the images in case any of them are difficult to see.

Each class is assigned a race and one portrait from that race is randomly chosen. The exception is Queen Barenziah who is always the same when you see her and the mono colours who use several races (including goblin for mono green). These are the matchups:

Argonian - Scout
Breton - Sorcerer
Dark Elf - Assassin
High Elf - Mage
Imperial - Spellsword
Khajiit - Monk
Nord - Crusader
Orc - Warrior
Redguard - Battlemage
Wood Elf - Archer

The original post I made can be found here:
2. Scout

Dark General (29 cards total in this deck)

Ruler of the Marsh

3. Sorcerer
4. Assassin
5. Mage
6. Spellsword
7. Monk
8. Crusader
9. Warrior
10. Battlemage
11. Archer
12. Mono Colours

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Nice list and good research, will be interested in putting it to the test!
nice !
do you also have the details of the full neutral (dwamer) deck ? :)
and the enrudance one too ? :)
1 Reply
Daz 1 week ago
I havn't seen either of them for months. I have only faced each of them once but if I see them again I will update this.
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