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What to craft - a guide for beginners In: Beginners Articles
By Hyracul, 3 weeks ago
Hi everybody, Hyracul here. Crafting's always been one of the most important moments of a card game, yet it is very hard to decide which cards you should trap and which are best keeping. Here's a guide for those who wants to properly manage their collection; any advice's welcome, and have fun!
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Very simple guide on how to get started building a Market Deck. This isn't a "Hold your hand and tell you exactly what to do" guide. This is a "How you should think" guide. Stop netdecking and use your noggin! For some reason my title keep getting cut off and it just says my name.
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Classes and Warrior C cards pick order list In: Other Resources
By Morphpnir, 3 months ago
In Skyrim VS Arena, Classes and Warrior's common cards pick order list.
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VS Arena beginner's guide In: Beginners Articles
By flashbender, 3 months ago
A short guide for people who are new to the VS Arena.
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The Road to Legendary In: Beginners Articles
By Aseran, 4 months ago
For those who are striving to move from intermediate to advanced level, a few things I have learned along the way that I hope helps you in your play.
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Hi folks! It's just a little contribution to this great website to show walkthrough of new Legends storyline - maybe it will be useful for someone who is still doubts about buying it or want to see a few tips for possible decks to win story battles without problems. Cheers!
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The cards which should be nerfed In: Other Resources
By AlphaV, 8 months ago
To balance the metà, some OP cards must be nerfed, since many mounths i am playing in Top Ladder, i've seen we can't litterally reach Top 10 with some classes, everything except Sorcerer and Battlemage is weak. We are clearly in a Blue Supremacy.
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Rank 1 Solo Arena AI Decklists In: Other Resources
By Daz, 9 months ago
Collection I have made over the past few weeks (of most) of the decklists seen played by the AI in the solo arena at rank 1.
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A lot of people like to create and share decks, which is amazing as it promotes logical thinking and creativity. But sometimes even the best ideas may not work out as intended. This guide is meant to help you to navigate through the common errors and boost your knowledge about deck-building in ES:L.
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Versus Arena In: Other Resources
By Jolt, 11 months ago
I want to make an open discussion thread on this forum about the versus arena mode.
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