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Here you have all the tittles you can choose up to now and how to get it as the game says, also there ishow difficult is to get the tittle attending to the gem that it is in the gam screen. What will you choose? :D
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Advance Tactics: Resources In: Other Resources
By F4NG, 2 weeks ago
Chapter 1 of Advance Tactics in The Elder Scroll: Legends
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Article en Français ... désolé je ne suis pas assez bon en anglais ... Je ne vous dirais pas ici comment vaincre Alisanne en Mode Maitre, il y a pas mal d'article déjà à ce sujet. Par contre vous trouverez en détail le contenu du Deck de votre adversaire pour vous y préparer au mieux...
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a quick guide to some new potentials for surviving long games
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Good or Bad expansion In: Other Resources
By Xhave, 1 month ago
a little questions about new expansion born in the lasts months, growing up when were shown the cards and new skills. But what is true ?. what that new expansion added in the game ?. and what is will go change?.
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Now you can show off your deck with one of several unique card backs. In total, Legends now has five different card backs available!
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Maximizing what you earn in the game In: Beginners Articles
By unser_ious, 6 months ago
This guide will explain what you need to know & do to get the most out of the game
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Guide for Raein The Conjurer Deck In: Class Guides
By H3X3N, 6 months ago
I made a Atronach themed deck named [deck id=25622]Raein The Conjurer[/deck]. For those interested on strategies on how to play the deck, I made this article. The deck is mainly Mid-Range, but can do well Late Game as well. This deck is suited for ranked play. It's my most used deck in ranked ATM.
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What to craft - a guide for beginners In: Beginners Articles
By Hyracul, 7 months ago
Hi everybody, Hyracul here. Crafting's always been one of the most important moments of a card game, yet it is very hard to decide which cards you should trap and which are best keeping. Here's a guide for those who wants to properly manage their collection; any advice's welcome, and have fun!
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KingCarnage's How To Build A Market Deck In: Deck Building
By KingCarnage, 8 months ago
Very simple guide on how to get started building a Market Deck. This isn't a "Hold your hand and tell you exactly what to do" guide. This is a "How you should think" guide. Stop netdecking and use your noggin! For some reason my title keep getting cut off and it just says my name.
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