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Hi folks! It's just a little contribution to this great website to show walkthrough of new Legends storyline - maybe it will be useful for someone who is still doubts about buying it or want to see a few tips for possible decks to win story battles without problems. Cheers!
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The cards which should be nerfed In: Other Resources
By AlphaV, 2 months ago
To balance the metà, some OP cards must be nerfed, since many mounths i am playing in Top Ladder, i've seen we can't litterally reach Top 10 with some classes, everything except Sorcerer and Battlemage is weak. We are clearly in a Blue Supremacy.
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Rank 1 Solo Arena AI Decklists In: Other Resources
By Daz, 3 months ago
Collection I have made over the past few weeks (of most) of the decklists seen played by the AI in the solo arena at rank 1.
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A lot of people like to create and share decks, which is amazing as it promotes logical thinking and creativity. But sometimes even the best ideas may not work out as intended. This guide is meant to help you to navigate through the common errors and boost your knowledge about deck-building in ES:L.
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Versus Arena In: Other Resources
By Jolt, 6 months ago
I want to make an open discussion thread on this forum about the versus arena mode.
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Card-meta snapshot #1 In: Other Resources
By MightyGorgon, 6 months ago
Hello everybody! I'm MightyGorgon a multiple-times legend TESL player and card game fan. I also like statistics in general, so I thought I could collect some statistics as regards the popularity of the cards used in the decks created on this site.
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Tired of pro-tips you never get to use or fully understand? Read my experience with The Elder Scrolls Legends: I started playing three months ago; I have less than a year of experience in card games. If you are sick of being utter n00b and have ambition to become average player, keep reading.
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A Soul Trapping Guide by Eon (13/3/17) In: Other Resources
By Eon, 7 months ago
As the title suggests, a soul trapping guide to help newer players decide what cards to keep, and what cards to toss into the gutter. Personal opinion obviously applies. Meant for players who see a meta deck they want to build promptly.
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Choices of 3-drops in Scout Control In: Class Guides
By Haze, 7 months ago
3-drops spots in scout control deck high legend
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Tree Minder VS Mammoth In: Deck Building
By Haze, 7 months ago
Little article to talk about those 3 drops in scout control
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