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Since my last article, my opinion about the balancement of the game and about what should be nerf has completly changed so i want to make an update about it :)
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Ever wonder, "How do I build a deck, where do I even start?" then this guide might just be for you. This is a guide made for helping newer players to start playing constructed and to dip their toes into building their own decks. New player questions and requests are welcome, of course.
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My opinion on how to stop slay decks from poisoning the meta.
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Alliance War – card reveal: Debilitate In: Other Resources
By Aristeion, 3 months ago
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Useful Card Combinations for Drain Decks In: Deck Building
By Zalian, 4 months ago
Some quick tips on which cards work well together when constructing a deck which focuses on the Drain keyword.
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Legendary Crafting Guide In: Other Resources
By CRyanReed, 4 months ago
This guide helps players with limited resources focus on important legendary cards for their collection. Feel free to give a comment or suggestion if you want to support a solid guide for newer players. I plan to keep it up to date with meta and expansion changes
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The rules of TESL In: General Strategy
By TheKingChaos, 6 months ago
1, 2, 3
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Campbell Vs The Toxic Community In: Other Resources
By acampbell11, 6 months ago
My thoughts...
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BBCode Help In: Other Resources
By Ashmore, 6 months ago
BBCode guide to create fancy comments, decks and articles.
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Escolha de Cartas por Nível In: Other Resources
By Alexandre Kinde..., 7 months ago
Um pequeno artigo sobre qual carta escolher a cada passagem de nível, de acordo com a opinião da equipe Companions Br.
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