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Leveling Rewards In: Beginners Articles
By Ashmore, 8 months ago
Get an overview of all the rewards you get as you level up.
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I decided to make a guide on my thought processes when theorycrafting and building a deck. I am just one guy with one opinion who enjoys building unique decks, so this is not an end all-be all guide by any means, but I do hope that it will help some of you to create your own unique decks!
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Legendary Crafting Tier List In: Beginners Articles
By Nittany, 8 months ago
Hey all, thought I would start a list that would be primarily for people that have limited crafting resources and want to get the most value per craft. Keep in mind that this list is constantly a work in progress and I am super open to hearing anyone's thoughts about it.
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Welcome to the Zoo In: Class Guides
By Nikola Vakarelo..., 8 months ago
"Let's say that both players are dancers, dancing together to the same rhythm. They are moving one with another, in a very harmonic dance. Suddenly, one of the players gets behind the other, takes out a knife and stabs him. Now that dominance has been shown, he dictates the tempo."
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In our second installment, we take a look at a more advanced deckbuilding approach - countering the popular decks in ranked gameplay!
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Welcome all, My name’s Faid and This is Team Prophecy’s second weekly Meta Snapshot, for the week of August 15th, 2016. Also, surprise! Due to the recent drastic changes of the meta we have decided to push out an extra snapshot for this month! Snapshot #1.5!
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A Legends article by Justin Larson
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A Soul Trapping Guide by Eon (13/3/17) In: Other Resources
By Eon, 7 months ago
As the title suggests, a soul trapping guide to help newer players decide what cards to keep, and what cards to toss into the gutter. Personal opinion obviously applies. Meant for players who see a meta deck they want to build promptly.
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Campaign Rewards In: Beginners Articles
By Ashmore, 8 months ago
Get an overview of all the Campaign rewards.
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Some things new players might find helpful In: General Strategy
By Pyrius, 8 months ago
First of all, for people playing the game for a longer time (or having experience with other CCG / TCG) this might not be new/helpful information at all, but for some of the newcomers this might be helpful (at least I do hope so).
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