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Maximizing what you earn in the game In: Beginners Articles
By unser_ious, 2 months ago
This guide will explain what you need to know & do to get the most out of the game
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What to craft - a guide for beginners In: Beginners Articles
By Hyracul, 3 months ago
Hi everybody, Hyracul here. Crafting's always been one of the most important moments of a card game, yet it is very hard to decide which cards you should trap and which are best keeping. Here's a guide for those who wants to properly manage their collection; any advice's welcome, and have fun!
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VS Arena beginner's guide In: Beginners Articles
By flashbender, 6 months ago
A short guide for people who are new to the VS Arena.
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The Road to Legendary In: Beginners Articles
By Aseran, 7 months ago
For those who are striving to move from intermediate to advanced level, a few things I have learned along the way that I hope helps you in your play.
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Legendary Crafting Tier List In: Beginners Articles
By Nittany, 1 year ago
Hey all, thought I would start a list that would be primarily for people that have limited crafting resources and want to get the most value per craft. Keep in mind that this list is constantly a work in progress and I am super open to hearing anyone's thoughts about it.
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Leveling Rewards In: Beginners Articles
By Ashmore, 1 year ago
Get an overview of all the rewards you get as you level up.
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Campaign Rewards In: Beginners Articles
By Ashmore, 1 year ago
Get an overview of all the Campaign rewards.
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