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Guide for Raein The Conjurer Deck In: Class Guides
By H3X3N, 1 week ago
I made a Atronach themed deck named [deck id=25622]Raein The Conjurer[/deck]. For those interested on strategies on how to play the deck, I made this article. The deck is mainly Mid-Range, but can do well Late Game as well.
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Choices of 3-drops in Scout Control In: Class Guides
By Haze, 1 year ago
3-drops spots in scout control deck high legend
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Welcome to the Zoo In: Class Guides
By Nikola Vakarelo..., 1 year ago
"Let's say that both players are dancers, dancing together to the same rhythm. They are moving one with another, in a very harmonic dance. Suddenly, one of the players gets behind the other, takes out a knife and stabs him. Now that dominance has been shown, he dictates the tempo."
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