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Very simple guide on how to get started building a Market Deck. This isn't a "Hold your hand and tell you exactly what to do" guide. This is a "How you should think" guide. Stop netdecking and use your noggin! For some reason my title keep getting cut off and it just says my name.
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Tree Minder VS Mammoth In: Deck Building
By Haze, 1 year ago
Little article to talk about those 3 drops in scout control
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I decided to make a guide on my thought processes when theorycrafting and building a deck. I am just one guy with one opinion who enjoys building unique decks, so this is not an end all-be all guide by any means, but I do hope that it will help some of you to create your own unique decks!
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In our second installment, we take a look at a more advanced deckbuilding approach - countering the popular decks in ranked gameplay!
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A Legends article by Justin Larson
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