Heretic Conjurer

Heretic Conjurer
Credits to SzotyMAG for the Images. <3
Name Heretic Conjurer
Rarity Rare Rare
Type Creature
Attributes willpower
Race High Elf
Magicka Cost 5
Attack Attack
Health Health
Expansion set Isle of Madness
Soul Summon 100 Crystal
Soul Trap 20 Crystal
Text Guard. Pilfer: Creatures you summon this turn are transformed into random Daedra.
Keywords Guard
BBCode [card]Heretic Conjurer[/card]
Played in 86/12850 of Eligible decks (1 %)
Constructed Rating: 14 Votes 2.8/5

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Arena Rating: 11 Votes 3.7/5

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drvval 10 months ago
This is ultra memic card :D
Sun Jacob 9 months ago
Once you let he pilfer, you can enjoy a movie
skotidas 4 months ago
Difficult to catch the trick, satisfied after my 1/1 Recruit trasnformed into Iron Atronach though..!!
3/5 Constructed
3.5/5 Arena
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