Vanus Galerion

Vanus Galerion
Credits to SzotyMAG for the Images. <3
Name Vanus Galerion
Rarity Legendary - Unique Legendary
Type Creature
Attributes strength intelligence willpower
Race High Elf
Magicka Cost 11
Attack Attack
Health Health
Expansion set Alliance War
Soul Summon 1200 Crystal
Soul Trap 400 Crystal
Text Expertise: Deal 3 damage, you gain 3 health and draw 3 cards.
Keywords Expertise
BBCode [card]Vanus Galerion[/card]
Played in 115/414 of Eligible decks (28 %)
Constructed Rating: 18 Votes 3.7/5

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Arena Rating: 9 Votes 2.8/5

Latest appearances in Decks: (Last 2 weeks)

strength intelligence willpower OTK GuildsWorn
By: Никита Ф...
strength intelligence willpower Guildsworn Prowess
By: Matthew Weeks
strength intelligence willpower Sworn Invaders
By: Tweny8


Combo this with a 1 cost item or action on turn 12 for a TON of value. This is almost never going to last more than one turn, but the damage dealt can mean a significant swing on board and the card draw is a huge swing in value.
This card is game breakingly good if it survives a turn after the first, but I'm wayyyy too paranoid of Miraak and its evil yellow mind-controlling ilk to ever play Vanus Galerion comfortably.

Interestingly, this card is an indirect buff to Barilzar's Tinkering, since there are only four 11 cost creatures in the game, and also Vanus Galerion automatically triggers that turn if he is summoned via Tinkering.
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William Young 9 months ago
If Miraak steals this, instant conceeed :(, it can win you the game in 2turns or 1, rally Vanus as much as you can, cause 3/3 is not so enticing
I think he is pretty terrible in guildsworn, the color combination is very fast(Mostly crusader+battlemage). Also putting 11 cost with 0/1 cost in the same deck is very unintuitive, unless your deck is mage based(which is OK), maybe rage deck can accept this as one of 75.

BUT! This card is insane in tinkering decks, off tinkering you don't even need additional cards to trigger expertise. HUGE buff for Lanneth+tinkering combo.
what of just what if ur deck is out of cards, and u have 15 health or less , now hear me out..... and ur deck is empty and and u draw plain rune losses
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