Allena Benoch

Allena Benoch
Credits to SzotyMAG for the Images. <3
Name Allena Benoch
Rarity Legendary - Unique Legendary
Type Creature
Attributes strength agility
Race Wood Elf
Magicka Cost 6
Attack Attack
Health Health
Expansion set Core Set
Soul Summon 1200 Crystal
Soul Trap 400 Crystal
Text Lethal. Summon: Deal 1 damage.
Keywords Lethal
BBCode [card]Allena Benoch[/card]
Played in 1009/3406 of Eligible decks (30 %)
Constructed Rating: 43 Votes 3.6/5

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Arena Rating: 31 Votes 4.1/5

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Shunara 2 years ago
Allena Benoch is an amazing card and I don't understand why her rating is so low, she's basically a Piercing Javelin with a body with lethal for 1 more magicka, the main difference is that she can kill a Nahagliiv and an Iron Atronach, but cannot kill any creatures with ward. I think it should be in pretty much any archer deck, even aggro, because she can kill any big guard in the way.
cutre 1 year ago
but a lot of lethal cards can do that job wihout that many magic expense
1 Reply
Shunara 1 year ago
Yeah, I'll have to disagree with my earlier comment, it is definitely good for Mid-Range decks, but probably too slow for Aggro decks.
Does her Summon ability as well use the lethal keyword??
1 Reply
Ashmore 1 year ago
Yes it does :)
TheOriginalTr... 1 year ago
My least favorite card art in the game. Idk why.

Its a "meh" card anyways, its basically a Piercing Javelin + Deadly Draugr combo, and costs the same.

If it were an Epic card I might play it, but as a Unique, Dual-Colored Legendary? No thanks!

Maybe if they gave Allena Benoch Prophecy it would see more use. Right now? Its down there with Jarl Balgruuf and Spider Daedra! (Sorry, Balgruuf, I love you, but you have no competitive viability.)


Constructed: 1/5
Arena: 1/5

Your card art was what made it dip from 2 to 1 in Arena ranking.
1 Reply
Asaris 7 months ago
I've won games with Jarl, don't knock him!
Stukov81 10 months ago
One possible tactic in the right deck may be summon her, kill a creature and unsummon her again. Next round you can summon her again. That's a benefit compared to Javelin.
1 Reply
Don't overcomplicate it friend :) Why unsummon her when you have cards like A Night to Remember ? ;)
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