Elsweyr Lookout

Elsweyr Lookout
Credits to SzotyMAG for the Images. <3
Name Elsweyr Lookout
Rarity Epic Epic
Type Creature
Attributes willpower
Race Khajiit
Magicka Cost 3
Attack Attack
Health Health
Expansion set Monthly Reward
Soul Summon 400 Crystal
Soul Trap 100 Crystal
Text Pilfer: Double Elsweyr Lookout's power and health.
Keywords Pilfer
BBCode [card]Elsweyr Lookout[/card]
Played in 159/11962 of Eligible decks (1 %)
Reward Card: Elsweyr Lookout is the December 2016 Reward Card and can only be crafted (can't be opened in packs).
Constructed Rating: 19 Votes 2.3/5

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Arena Rating: 14 Votes 2.4/5

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Think about a 3 cost 4/4. But it's only 4/4 two turns after summoned. And it has to hit face on both of these turns to be a 4/4. Awesome.
augustovj 8 months ago
To be fair, this is a combo card. It can be game changing (sometimes) or useless and promptly removed (most of the time).
Sadly it caps at 999/999, so unfortunately it's impossible to get a creature with infinite power and health.
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