Wrath of Sithis

Wrath of Sithis
Credits to SzotyMAG for the Images. <3
Name Wrath of Sithis
Rarity Rare Rare
Type Creature
Attributes endurance
Race Spirit
Magicka Cost 6
Attack Attack
Health Health
Expansion set The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood
Unlocked in Wayrest - Episode 4 - Varlyn
Soul Summon 100 Crystal
Soul Trap 20 Crystal
Text Summon: Your opponent's cards cost 1 more next turn.
BBCode [card]Wrath of Sithis[/card]
Played in 419/12955 of Eligible decks (3 %)
Constructed Rating: 28 Votes 3.9/5

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Arena Rating: 22 Votes 3.9/5

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endurance willpower test deck 025
By: pazdzioh9

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Haha, how this guy can screw thing up for a Nix Ox combo decks :D When the meta is control heavy just make a warrior deck including this, Mage Slayer, Withered Hand Cultist and some charge creatures.
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