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Name Alduin
Rarity Legendary - Unique Legendary
Type Creature
Attributes neutral
Race Dragon
Magicka Cost 20
Attack 12 Attack
Health 12 Health
Expansion set Heroes of Skyrim
Soul Summon 1200 Crystal
Soul Trap 400 Crystal
Text Costs 2 less for each Dragon in your discard pile. Summon: Destroy all other creatures. At the start of your turn, summon a random Dragon from your discard pile.
BBCode [card]Alduin[/card]
Played in 1315/30420 of Eligible decks (4 %)
Constructed Rating: 73 Votes 4.3/5

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Arena Rating: 55 Votes 1.5/5

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Bethish 2 years ago
Beautiful card for late dragon decks builds!
Gerowe 2 years ago
the best thing is when you have 2 alduins in the hand and field you can't attack it just destroys the board
3 Replies
AlbeFreak 2 years ago
You can't have 2 Alduins in your deck, it's a unique legendary card.
The only way to have two is with copy-ability cards, but that's very unlikely to happen.
If you really managed to have 2 Alduins with a copy card, I don't think your opponent will be willing to play the game anymore, LOL
Abermus 2 years ago
If you do a ramp sorcerer and run brilliant experiment on Alduin if you get to play him (as the only dragon)... hahaha.
speeti 2 years ago
use dragon change all card in deck to random dragon.
Alduin Mahlaan
i am tired of seeing dragons in all decks. no matter what deck it is they all have one or more of the big dragons. this is so lame. i am tired of this...
1 Reply
They are good cards... for the most of them anyway... so like any other good card you'll see them in a lot of decks. What's any green deck without curse or any blue deck without fire bolt and lighting bolt?
luan_ma 1 year ago
Why does this alduin have four legs? Shouldn't it have 2 legs?
1 Reply
I see 2 arms + 2 legs
So what does he say?
"Ziil gro dovah ulse" ("Ever-bound dragon spirit") – Upon being summoned
"Daar lein los dii!" ("This world is mine!") – When attacking
(source: elderscrolls wikia)
Usually Alduin decks suck but I keep trying to build one :D 5/5 for me because how well this card represent Alduin from the game Skyrim.
1 Reply
It's not that hard to build a deck for him, though when I play with him in one I tend to win far before he even comes on the field.

Not sure if it will help much, but I uploaded the basis of my current deck running him on here as a Green/Purple mana-ramp Argonian deck. Take a look if you are interested...
Deiu 1 year ago
In Constructed, you'll probably have this in a Dragon deck as a nice finisher.
In Arena... you won't have enough dragons to make this viable, and having high enough magicka to play this card is such a rare occasion.
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