Legate Rikke

Legate Rikke
Credits to SzotyMAG for the Images. <3
Name Legate Rikke
Rarity Legendary - Unique Legendary
Type Creature
Attributes willpower
Race Nord
Magicka Cost 4
Attack Attack
Health Health
Expansion set Heroes of Skyrim
Soul Summon 1200 Crystal
Soul Trap 400 Crystal
Text When you summon an Imperial, summon a 1/1 Imperial Grunt in the other lane.
BBCode [card]Legate Rikke[/card]
Played in 258/12972 of Eligible decks (2 %)
Legate Rikke creates the following:

Imperial Grunt
Constructed Rating: 15 Votes 3.1/5

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Arena Rating: 10 Votes 1.4/5

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Is Imperial a faction status now? Because Rikke is a Nord.
Too damn weak
1 Reply
Nicolas Lessa... 10 months ago
Image verison of your comment

Anyone else gotten this card more than once? Shame shame....
I wish her ability would buff all imperial grunts rather than generate more.
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