Priest of the Eight

Priest of the Eight
Credits to SzotyMAG for the Images. <3
Name Priest of the Eight
Rarity Common Common
Type Creature
Attributes willpower
Race Imperial
Magicka Cost 2
Attack Attack
Health Health
Expansion set Heroes of Skyrim
Soul Summon 50 Crystal
Soul Trap 5 Crystal
Text Summon: Draw a card if you have two other (willpower) creatures.
BBCode [card]Priest of the Eight[/card]
Played in 1044/12951 of Eligible decks (8 %)
Constructed Rating: 12 Votes 2.9/5

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Arena Rating: 7 Votes 1.6/5

Latest appearances in Decks: (Last 2 weeks)

endurance willpower Ballista Gauntlet #1 rank (27-2 record)
By: tmo306
endurance willpower Of Imperials and tokens
By: UnuldurReinerg
willpower Mono Willpower
By: Kungpowmeow

1 Comment

CrossRhodes 2 years ago
Nice if you can play it right on turn 2 after Scouting Patrol. Yet Thieves Guild Recruit is way better.
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