Kagouti Fabricant

Kagouti Fabricant
Credits to SzotyMAG for the Images. <3
Name Kagouti Fabricant
Rarity Common Common
Type Creature
Attributes willpower
Race Fabricant
Magicka Cost 4
Attack Attack
Health Health
Expansion set Return to Clockwork City
Unlocked in Episode 4 - The Betrayal
Soul Summon 50 Crystal
Soul Trap 5 Crystal
Text Summon: If you have a [neutral] card in play, summon a copy of Kagouti Fabricant in the other lane.
BBCode [card]Kagouti Fabricant[/card]
Played in 140/12951 of Eligible decks (1 %)
Constructed Rating: 17 Votes 3.9/5

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Arena Rating: 11 Votes 2.5/5

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dreidl 2 years ago
i think the effect text is a bit missleading. if i had a neutral card on board and played kagouti fabricant, it should actually fill the board with kagouti fabricants, because since i summon a copy(!), this copy should also have the summoning-effect, thus summoning another kagouti in the other lane, and so on.

but i suppose that is not how it will work.
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But getting 7 3-3s for a 4 cost would be the most op thing in the game.
Marked Man says hi.
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CrossRhodes 2 years ago
Cool suggestion. Thanks a lot.

I play this in a yellow-blue factotum deck with some nice success. I give it 4.5 stars in constructed. In arena you often lack the synergy.
This card even triggers with supports like Elixir of Conflicts.
A must have in any Colorless, Dwemer or Assemble deck.
Nagardien 8 months ago
With the recruits from Alliance War expansion this very playable.
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