Memory Wraith

Memory Wraith
Credits to SzotyMAG for the Images. <3
Name Memory Wraith
Rarity Epic Epic
Type Creature
Attributes intelligence
Race Spirit
Magicka Cost 5
Attack Attack
Health Health
Expansion set Return to Clockwork City
Unlocked in Episode 6 - The Throne Aligned
Soul Summon 400 Crystal
Soul Trap 100 Crystal
Text Summon: Banish your opponent's discard pile.
BBCode [card]Memory Wraith[/card]
Played in 533/14317 of Eligible decks (4 %)
Constructed Rating: 26 Votes 4/5

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Arena Rating: 19 Votes 3.8/5

Latest appearances in Decks: (Last 2 weeks)

intelligence agility endurance UPRISING MUDCRAB
By: cosmicfunkjuice
intelligence willpower agility DIEBES ARCANUM
By: Samael samoht
intelligence willpower endurance No Duplicate deck [Road to Legend]
By: Deviluke


yumyum36 2 years ago
Here is the video before JustinLarson and CHARM3R revealed the card:

Additionally here is the card art they spoiled alongside it:
CrossRhodes 1 year ago
These days you can really play this card to avoid some nasty Journey to Sovngarde + Tullius' Conscription combos.
Nowadays it can be helpful, many people play that annoying Odirniran Necromancer. Soul tear is also a popular card not just in current meta and this creature has decent stats so it can find place in several decks.
I always keep one Memory Wraith in any deck with Blue Attribute cards in it. There's really no reason not too. He's a 5/5 Creature, so even if you're fighting against decks that don't really make use of their discard piles, he's still a powerful creature even without his Summon ability.
Nagardien 6 months ago
This card was always solid, now with the consume mechanic and all this eboheart and resurrection decks going around it's even better.
Talilover 4 months ago
On one hand get rekt journey to sovangarde/ non stop necro decks, but on the other hand m-muh dragon decks
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