Cast Into Time

Cast Into Time
Credits to SzotyMAG for the Images. <3
Name Cast Into Time
Rarity Rare Rare
Type Action
Attributes willpower
Magicka Cost 5
Expansion set Forgotten Hero Collection
Soul Summon 100 Crystal
Soul Trap 20 Crystal
Text Banish a creature.
BBCode [card]Cast Into Time[/card]
Played in 2085/12686 of Eligible decks (16 %)
Constructed Rating: 28 Votes 4.5/5

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Arena Rating: 15 Votes 4/5

Latest appearances in Decks: (Last 2 weeks)

intelligence willpower endurance Bloomsfire Control
By: wizardgreg
willpower strength K9 Dragonforce
By: Mester Vester
strength intelligence willpower Warpmeta dragons
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endurance willpower aaa
By: Slepoi
strength willpower endurance single invasion I
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By: ChoateGaming
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By: GicaForta
endurance willpower Hrothgar
By: Soczek


So a couple questions for errata on this card:

* Does this ignore Last Gasp effects?

* Will Adoring Fan STILL return if you banish him?
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Last Gasp is not triggered as the creature is not destroyed/killed but removed from the game. This also answers you second question too as it's a last gasp effect.
Fessoid(Slava... 1 year ago
Cast into Time is Non-playable card. It is imbalanced. Must be 10 or 10+ cost, otherwise game will be broken:
you'll never be abeled to heal (hello comebacking / rebirthed / nighted to remember Ayrenn), never being aggro against control (or defencing against aggro Crusader) or play anything else against THIS!

Non-summon cards are hard to use for a now and they will be a garbage with this card!

It will give birth to thousand aggro decks with Withered Hand Cultist and ruin fun & interactive.

Was not expecting a card this broken to appear in the collection, auto include at least one copy in every willpower deck. Zero downsides.
曹恒 1 year ago
This card can’t banish the same card from your opponent’s hand if they already got it on his hand set. I banished the Dre’s torturer in one battle, but he already got another one on his hand. Almost lost that game.
Wrong description of the card - it banishes from opponents deck, not owners
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It banishes from the deck of who owns the creature.
It's quite clearly how to play against lightning or drain vitality, but how to play against this? Rush!
Journey to sovngarde? Paarthuarnax? Tullius conscription? Hallowed deathpriest? Rush!
Why everyone plays stupid aggro deck? I dont know. Shit.
Mark Elder 1 year ago
This card should be a unique legendary. The capacity to banish up to 9 key or high value cards from any deck is fundamentally broken. That's simply too many. The only counters are token decks, or singleton decks - is it any wonder that these are the meta right now?
Palumtra 1 year ago
Very powerful and punishing hard removal, wouldn't be surprised if it get's nerfed/reworked.
2 Replies
Card is good. And offer balanced effect: usually to 1-2 'draw' of cards.

But in MTG there are plenty of Banish cards and no one complain. This one seems "OP" only to the only one realization of this card in game. When there would be 4-5 cards with Banish effect this card wouldn't be imbalanced.

Same to Ressurection cards: there are plenty cards which allows to pick cards from Graveyard and most of them are in Purple (Shout, 2 Necromancers, Defiler, Sk. Dragon). If it would be the only one card with such effect people would complain too - "it's OP, need nerf" :D
Palumtra 1 year ago
Well it's main power comes from being able to remove up to 3 cards total from the opponents deck completely as a surplus of the original effect (not to mention it also doesn't trigger Last Gasp). If it would simply just banish 1 creature I think pl wouldn't complain. I personally don't think it's overpowered, but definitely is one of, if not the best hard removal in the game as of now.
Piercing Javelin: Destroys one creature, puts it in the discard pile.
Cast Into Time: Removes a creature without triggering Last Gaps abilites, casts it entirely out of the game without creating a body in the discard pile, removes duplicates from the deck.

Mana cost Javelin: 5
Mana cost Cast Into Time: 5

Yes, makes perfect sense...
2 Replies
Javelin is a prophecy though which is amazing
True that, Javelin is a prophecy unlike Cast Into Time, I didn't take that into consideration. However I think all the benefits of CiT (no LG trigger, no discard pile corpse, and deck removal) still make it a whole lot better than good old Javelin.
I have mixed feelings about this card. I hate when I play it only to see the same card out of the other player's hand on the next turn. I feel like it's only mildly useful. Not overpowered at all.
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