Naryu Virian

Naryu Virian
Credits to SzotyMAG for the Images. <3
Name Naryu Virian
Rarity Legendary - Unique Legendary
Type Creature
Attributes agility
Race Dark Elf
Magicka Cost 6
Attack Attack
Health Health
Expansion set Houses of Morrowind
Soul Summon 1200 Crystal
Soul Trap 400 Crystal
Text Summon: Summon a 0/1 Target with Guard for your opponent in each lane. Friendly creatures have "Slay: +1/+1 and Lethal."
Keywords Slay,Lethal,Guard
BBCode [card]Naryu Virian[/card]
Played in 476/12998 of Eligible decks (4 %)
Naryu Virian creates the following:

Constructed Rating: 30 Votes 4.6/5

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Arena Rating: 21 Votes 4.9/5

Latest appearances in Decks: (Last 2 weeks)

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By: GicaForta
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By: abybob
strength endurance agility Death is not Defeat
By: Kroyk


Corazon 1 year ago
''We will make Slay Decks great Again !'' - (c) Dire Wolf 20!8
1 Reply
Illuzive_ 7 months ago
Sparkypants: "You hane no more power here! We will make aggro or control shit great again in 2019!"
Corazon wrote:
''We will make Slay Decks great Again !'' - (c) Dire Wolf 20!8
very powerful ! O.O
CRyanReed 6 months ago
An absolute must for slay decks and a hard pass for the rest. Lucien Lachance is the stronger option for any deck running endurance. 1 health compared to 2 is a world of difference in the two cards and faster damage after slay can make the difference as well. Lethal is nice but doesn't add much when it's time to hit face.
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