Berne Clan Nightstalker

Berne Clan Nightstalker
Credits to SzotyMAG for the Images. <3
Name Berne Clan Nightstalker
Rarity Legendary Legendary
Type Creature
Attributes agility
Race Vampire
Magicka Cost 5
Attack Attack
Health Health
Expansion set Houses of Morrowind
Soul Summon 1200 Crystal
Soul Trap 400 Crystal
Text Guard. Summon: Secretly choose an enemy creature. Last Gasp: Destroy the chosen creature.
Keywords Guard,Lasp Gasp
BBCode [card]Berne Clan Nightstalker[/card]
Played in 280/13005 of Eligible decks (2 %)
Constructed Rating: 23 Votes 3.8/5

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Arena Rating: 16 Votes 4.3/5

Latest appearances in Decks: (Last 2 weeks)

endurance agility Vampiric Drain
By: Arcyllis
willpower agility endurance Tom Rauhe’s SlayMania
By: GicaForta


UtopLib 1 year ago
Funny ^^
far to strong.
1 Reply
Its a hard removal for five. A Javelin with legs and minus the prophecy. So how is it OP?
Sav0s_Aren 1 year ago
For those who don't understand why is this strong:
1. Oppontnent has creatures in both lanes. You summon this in lane 1 and chose a creature in lane 2. So your oppontnent hits this, likely you traded his creature, plus the chosen creature dies in the other lane.

2. Your oppontnent has 2 similarly strong creature in the same lane. He doesn't know which one you chose so perhaps you kill both.

3. Necrom Mastermind

4. Dark Rebirth

CRyanReed 6 months ago
Another case of a card looking good but coming up short. A midrange Dagoth deck may find a place for him but even then its in a weak position. The two for one potential is real but so are the many answers available to control the damage.
Best use is getting your title and then swapping for Cliff Racer.
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