Unite the Houses

Unite the Houses
Credits to SzotyMAG for the Images. <3
Name Unite the Houses
Rarity Legendary Legendary
Type Action
Attributes neutral
Magicka Cost 3
Expansion set Houses of Morrowind
Soul Summon 1200 Crystal
Soul Trap 400 Crystal
Text If you have at least one card of each attribute in play, you win the game.
BBCode [card]Unite the Houses[/card]
Played in 143/29517 of Eligible decks (0 %)
Constructed Rating: 30 Votes 2.4/5

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Arena Rating: 27 Votes 1/5

Latest appearances in Decks: (Last 2 weeks)

intelligence agility endurance Unite the Houses Telvanni
By: ChoateGaming
intelligence willpower Unite the Houses Mage
By: Mael321
strength intelligence agility [#1 LEGEND] THE BEST DAGOTH OF ALL TIME !!!!!


riiche 1 year ago
My honest opinion is that such card simply must not exist. Or at least its cost must be 10.
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It's condition is kinda hard to fulfill (currently) and you need to build your whole deck around it so it ain't that bad....
Empiro 1 year ago
How it works? Need to have cards of all 5 attributes?
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I assume yes. Although you can put maximum 3 attributes in a deck (plus neutral), it can be done with cards like Plunder for example, that gives you random card. Perhaps there are better solutions but this is what came in mind first.
This is a copy of Coalition Victory MtG card :D
I think such cards should not exist that says "if this or that condition is met, you win the game", or "if this or that condition is met, you cannot lose the game". I played MtG a lot and I hated these mechanics there as well.
Completed contract counts as green card to activate Unite the houses?
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Palumtra 1 year ago
In play means on the board, but note that supports and items count toward that too.
It's all fun and games until some unites the Houses.....
Seems like a crusader +1 deck with arrest, miraak, plunder, and some rng (wabajack) cards is the way to do it.
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cards like face sculpt and heroic rebirth make this really easy too
Somehow this card is one of the most strategic cards in the game, yet completely based on RNG. I can't tell if I love it for making my head hurt or hate it for not being able to predict when to use it.
Do you need neutral?
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Unite the Houses is Neutral...
Palumtra wrote:
It's condition is kinda hard to fulfill (currently) and you need to build your whole deck around it so it ain't that bad....
Not true.Easy with 3 att from your deck+ 2 from "Battle mage magick (cost 4) - random creature,+ if 4\2 green pet summoner , cost 2 blue action (you chouse one card from random 3)ect.. Dagot for this card is best.
Pulled it off today thanks to dragon summit. Started a unite the houses deck and when making dragons I realized there's dragon of every color. Threw a copy in my red grn dragon had in hand before summit few turns later had all 5 and a neutral on board just in case.
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