Credits to SzotyMAG for the Images. <3
Name Nix-Hound
Rarity Common Common
Type Creature
Attributes agility
Race Beast
Magicka Cost 4
Attack Attack
Health Health
Expansion set Houses of Morrowind
Soul Summon 50 Crystal
Soul Trap 5 Crystal
Text Prophecy. Summon: Shackle each enemy creature with less power than Nix-Hound.
Keywords Prophecy
BBCode [card]Nix-Hound[/card]
Played in 115/13541 of Eligible decks (1 %)
Constructed Rating: 8 Votes 2.6/5

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Arena Rating: 5 Votes 3/5

Latest appearances in Decks: (Last 2 weeks)

strength intelligence agility Base Deck - Dagoth's Might
By: La_Haine


Yuki Forest 1 year ago
It's got a lot of potential. Combos nicely with Rally and stat reduction cards such as Curse but even on its own, it still works against tokens.
Azelios 1 month ago
Unfortunately, it's usually the strong creatures that you want shackled. Maybe it will get some appreciation with all these new in-hand buffs.
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