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Name Nix-Ox
Rarity Common Common
Type Creature
Attributes agility
Race Beast
Magicka Cost 7
Attack Attack
Health Health
Expansion set Houses of Morrowind
Soul Summon 50 Crystal
Soul Trap 5 Crystal
Text Summon: Gain 5 magicka this turn.
BBCode [card]Nix-Ox[/card]
Played in 642/12989 of Eligible decks (5 %)
Constructed Rating: 36 Votes 4.7/5

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Arena Rating: 30 Votes 4.5/5

Latest appearances in Decks: (Last 2 weeks)

agility intelligence ABRACADABRA Assassin! Prophecy Last Gasp RNG
By: MilanMan
endurance agility Incredible 1-3 Pauper Scout Deck
By: Censing
strength agility Pauper: Lethal Archer
By: ShidouZ
strength agility Pauper: Control Archer
By: ChoateGaming
agility intelligence test deck 015
By: pazdzioh9
strength intelligence agility Building ON Dagoth
By: Georrgie
intelligence agility endurance nix ox mid telvanni (choate)
By: Immortalking198...


WTF is this card?!?!?!? I'm predicting crazy combos with this card! this card with blue will wreck some asses.
Nix-Ox meta incoming!
It's a +1/+1 Soulrest Marshal that never whiffs and isn't restricted to just one card.

Imagine if Triumphant Jarl, Royal Sage, Golden Saint, and Black Worm Necromancer got the same treatment...
Honestly, I don't understand these OP cards. I'm giving 90% chance that I will stop playing TES legends soon. Seriously... WTF is this card? And this is Common?? It seems this game stepped on the same road as MtG. What's next? 1 magicka, 100/100, Summon: you win the game?
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Nix-Ox is mega OP in arena, in constructed almost every good aggro deck can win almost every game vs the mega combo deck with that card. Also the deck is boring and pointless and it will not see allot of games after ppl learn how to play vs it. Just wait and see, and the card will receive a nerf as it is omega omega broken in arena. Almost every loss I have in arena is because of the deck which have Nix-Ox. In constructed for the moment I thing I have 100% win rate vs that card rly :)
nerf this retarded shit please, game is unplayable
this card clearly shows game developers are stupid lol
This has also a huge comback potential combined with Unstoppable Rage.
Really don't understand how this isn't nerfed again. Still OP.
eppek 10 months ago
still op
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