Sixth House Amulet

Sixth House Amulet
Credits to SzotyMAG for the Images. <3
Name Sixth House Amulet
Rarity Common Common
Type Item
Attributes intelligence
Magicka Cost 1
Expansion set Houses of Morrowind
Soul Summon 50 Crystal
Soul Trap 5 Crystal
Text +1/+1. Summon: if the wielder has 5 power or more, it gains a Ward.
Keywords Ward
BBCode [card]Sixth House Amulet[/card]
Played in 618/14306 of Eligible decks (4 %)
Constructed Rating: 16 Votes 3.1/5

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Arena Rating: 8 Votes 2.8/5

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strength intelligence agility Dagoth's Might
By: Matthew Weeks


+1/+1 with "Free Ward" is helpful, good for Blue creatures with 4 Power.

-Camlorn Hero - 3mana 4/2 : Deal 2 dmg to your opponent
-Ghost Sea Lookout - 3mana 4/2:
When you summon a dragon, gains a ward.
-Mystic Dragon - 4mana 4/4 : Prophecy
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Nicolas Lessa... 1 year ago
Also great for ward-matters creatures like Corrupted Shade Iliac Sorcerer and Tel Vos Magister
Anyone realized how cool is this with Galyn? It will be +4/+4 so the ward triggers basically on any creature.
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