Mana Curve

0 3 3 8 10 10 5 11

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Prophecy 27
Guard 15
Last Gasp 2
Lethal 1
Slay 1
Regenerate 0
Rally 0
Wane 0
Wax 0
Ward 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Pilfer 0
Breakthrough 0
Betray 0
Charge 0
Drain 0
Assemble 0
Exalt 0
Plot 0


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Petamax's hateful prophecy mage (reached #1)

By: Petamax
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Posted: 2 years ago
Outdated (DarkBrotherhood patch)
Crafting Cost: 16000crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
this is one of the most fun deck i ever play,
Consistent and yet full of rng.
Playing it for several months, reaching easily high legend.
3 days before the may season ended, i reached #1 with this deck making a 24-4 because the meta was full of aggro decks.
Great again aggro, and still not bad again midrange/control.
Again midrange/control save your rings for turn 8 atromancer, and for turn 9 mantikora in case you need it.

Play calm and believe on your prophecys :)

Desperate conjuring:
-doing of a 3 magicka card to get a 5: Weird play, but you can trade with a camlorn centinel and after that desperate conjuring him, 5 magicka creatures have really solid stats.
-Get a 7 magicka creature: If you are going to play creatures, do it before the desperate conjuring, first desperate conjuring and then attack with the rest of your creatures (7 magicka have some creature that buff one/rest of your creatures)

-Get a 8 magicka creature: Lot of taunts creature here, really solid stats. Is kinda risky because spider daedra.

-Get a 9 magicka creature: Awesome cost, dark harvested into desperate conjuring is always good, even better on turn 3 :).

-Get a 10 magicka creature: With the expansion there is a lot of bad 10 drops, if you still going to do it, it would be better if you can play more actions, and always if you have a opponent creature infront because of mantikora.

-Get a 11 magicka creature: They are both awesome. Turn 12 Atromancher into Miraak is usually gg, making a board that almost noone can deal.

-Get a 12 magicka creature: You will hate Iron atronach with all your soul. Odavhing is awesome, if you are facing control and you have the ring, is usually good to keep it for doing on Mantikora- Ring- Desperate conjuring into Odahviing. Killing one big treath and the rest of small creatures[/b]

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Petamax 2 years ago
I wrote wrong the pic link on the description :)
thanks for sharing! I just built this, but I'm still having some problems. How long do you wait until you go face? Would you consider swapping the dark harvesters for firebolts? I feel like I'm lacking some removal...
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Petamax 2 years ago
The most common thing is never hit face so you can play atromancer without breaking a rune and then win next turn. Sometimes you will have to play more midrange, or more greedy if you hand/board is more aggressive.

If you are controling the opponent and you are still in a big amount of life, you can go face if you have a decent amount of damage on board.

-About the dark harvester: NO. He is one of the best cards for combo with desperate conjuring, removing him will make remove desperate conjuring aswell from the deck, and that will make this deck lost a lot of fun and its essence.
I dont feel like a need firebolt. In your first turns you dont need to control the board, you can relax and let your opponent hit your face so you can comeback with prophecys.
thank you very much, that was very helpful! I'll definitely keep the Dark Harvester in there, then.
Really fun deck. Thanks for sharing.
Hello, if I own DFMs, should i put these in instead of Telvanni, or are you running Tel because you can sacrifice them with Desperate Conjuring without losing the card power? And ofc execute is a thing everywhere.
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Petamax 2 years ago
I play Telvanni because of executes. DFM is great, but weak to cheap removal and i dont have too many time for play the tome of alteration.

Telvanni save my life too many times with good spells, and i think i never desperate conjuring him.

Also Telvanni is more fun/random than DFM, and still competitive card
Sonndich 2 years ago
Looks great, any mulligan tips?

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Petamax 2 years ago
-Again Archer:
Keep desperate conjuring, execute and harpy because of goblin skulk, lightning bolt,
If you know he is rage, keep Mantikora, miraak, Black dragon, javelin and the rest of the cards i tell you before, but no lightning bolt.

-Again Control:
Keep Atromancer (since this is going to the late game, is better to prepare your mulligan for that), ice storm and execute again control mage, if you know he can play more aggresive, keep the desperate conjuring.
Sometimes when you have a really midrange hand, keep it and try to push hard, like a hand with Telvanni, black dragon and hive defender, so you can left him in like 14 before he control you, and then he will have to waste removal in things that he dont want to. Again scout you can keep Mantikora/Miraak, since you can have a lot of value from that cards.

- Again Midrange Assasin/mage:
Keep ice storm, is really awesome again assasin and no bad again mage. Execute, and harpy aswell again assassin.Hive defender, desperate conjuring. Sometimes atro/lightning bolt if the rest of your hand is really good.

- sorcerer: Keep execute, javelin, desperate conjuring, atro if the rest of your hand is cool,

-Battlemage: Keep Execute, desperate conjuring, Hive defender,if you dont know what bm deck you are facing, keep lightning bolt/javelin for Bannerman

-Again aggro decks:
All the cards than cost 3 or less. Also Hive defender, ice storm if the rest of your cards are cool and lightning bolt if he have midrange creatures weak to that.

-Others tips: if you are not facing aggro, is good to keep execute ilusionist combo. Telvanni is usually good except again heavy control (but if you really need a answer to goblin skulk for example, dont keep it and mulligan hard for the answers).
Ayrenn is usually great again midrange/control, or keep it if you have a good action on your hand. Ice storm is good again Spellsword, in case he is not control is gg.

Probably forgot a lot of stuff, but if you keep playing it, you will figure out what cards you really need for every match up.
I hope this was helpful.
Sonndich 2 years ago
Amazing, thanks a lot for the detailed reply, much appreciated.
Have been playing the deck on the ladder and it's fantastic. Great fun, thanks again for sharing
Milton 2 years ago
An indeed thoughtful write-up! I've been trying this deck for past few days, and tuned it into my somewhat more mid-range approach. It is quite flexible and versatile thanks to most prophecy cards offering great utility and board control.

The discussion on desperate conjuring is astute, and I share the same level of appreciation towards it and some great conjuring experience too, e.g.,
3 to 5: blood dragon;
5 to 7: nahagliiv;
6 to 8: vigilant giant;
7 to 9: black magic lord;
and of course 9 to 11: miraak,
and 10 to 12: odahviing.

I wonder what you think on other less appealing prophecy options, as I tried them out to some extent.
(2) cost: priest of the moons, 2/2 and 2 heal
--- I tried to substitute for knight of the hour, works ok-ish, since I feel the knight is quite over-costed if played from hand. Loyal housecarl is much more flexible, and better suits my style.

(4) cost: fire storm, 2 damage in a lane
--- works surprisingly well substituting ice storm, and I usually add one copy of immolating blast.

(5) cost: spear of embers, +3/+3 buff or 3 damage to creature
--- I really like the concept of a prophecy item with active component, but I'm not so sure how to bring out its full potential, as it does not seem to stand out in comparison to loyal housecarl or skywatch vindicator, both with the similar mechanics.

(7) cost: removal of dark harvester
--- I concur with you that desperate conjuring a 7 to 9 works wonder, but it hampers early game too much if drawn at low magicka. I'm thinking of adding legion praefact or renowned legate to this slot.
(well the real reason is for me this card lacks elegance in artwork.)

Thanks in advance for your feedback. As a new player of less than two weeks of exposure, I've been enjoying legends, and look forward to the skyrim expansion. Cheers!
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Petamax 2 years ago
i made this deck before brotherhood expansion, and i was playing 2 priest of the moon on in. I am not a fan of that card, since you dont want to play it on turn 2 and gain life, and when you get it from a rune its makes no impact on the board.

Fire storm can be great. The surprise factor is always great on a match. For example, i face my prophecy deck a couple times on these days and in a few of them i won because i knew he is not playing Dawn's Wrath, so i can play all creatures on the same lane and beat the guard creatures more easily without the risk of board clean.
You cant just copy/paste brainless a deck, since the deck is "popular" now, people know the decklist and already know the best way to deal with the cards. Change the removals is great. I didnt try fire storm in this deck in like 2 months, but i am pretty sure its can be really effective.

I dont like spear of embers, I think that is all i have to say about that card, i cant see what prophecy remove for makes space from embers without making the deck worst.

Remove dark hasvester mean remove at least 1 desperate conjuring them. I guess depend of the meta, this deck work awesome in a aggro meta, right now for example i can see more midrange stile, with some aggro and almost no control deck. If you want to remove the dark harvester and other stuff and focus more on midrange, you can do it, but is probably better just to pick other deck that deal better again that meta.
Really fun deck, thx for sharing. :)
Petamax wrote:
Sometimes you will have to play more midrange, or more greedy if you hand/board is more aggressive.

What does it mean to play more "greedy" or more "midrange"?
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Petamax 2 years ago
Its mean playing more aggresive, attacking face, as if your deck was more on curve and less lategame, so again other control deck you can left him around 15 in the first 7 turns, so now another damage from your creatures + atromancer can be gg, means that he will have to use the removal less efficent for killing every creature
Odaarus 2 years ago
Fantastic deck, got me hooked on ESL. Really satisfying to play and win with.
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