Unstoppable Assault 2.0 - Tempo Crusader

By: picoledexuxu
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Posted: 11 months ago
Updated: 11 months ago
Outdated (Skyrim patch)
Crafting Cost: 14950crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
2.0 Description

Meta's migrated to midrange, so we change accordingly. This version boosts the value trading potential and is more tempo oriented. Depending on the matchup and mulligan, you can choose to play agressively (Morthal Executioner say Hello) or proactively (Crusader's Assault say Good Bye). In both instances, this build has a huge snowball potential, a good amount of control, reach and a bit of healing.

1.0 Description

Another deck I conceived to counter the current meta and to abuse of some very strong iteractions. This midrange-ish deck's main objective is to use lots of trade-efficiently creatures alongside with the new card "Crusader's Assault" to fill your hand while keeping a strong pressure against your opponent, and ultimately finish with Unstoppable Rage + Breakthrough creature.
This deck packs reasonable amount of card draw for digging for your combo pieces, a reasonable amount of removal that helps you survive/end the game, a reasonable amount of prophecies to punish aggro and turn some games around, and extremely high synergetic cards for some crazy combos.
Cards that combo with Crusader's Assault for favorable trades + card draw: Rift Thane (Guard), Fearless Northlander, Hive Defender, Reive, Child of Hircine;
Cards that combo with Unstoppable Rage: Rift Thane (Breakthrough), Fearless Northlander, Ravenous Hunger, Child of Hircine, Beliberent Giant, Crusader's Assault.
You can always combine both actions to get a huge lead at the late game. Imagine how beautiful would be playing Ravenous Hunger + Crusader's Assault + Unstoppable Rage on a single turn... You can.

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Really a nice Game vs Pico and this Deck.
Right Mix from old Roots and new Cards.

I like it!


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picoledexuxu 11 months ago
Thx for dropping by! It has been my honor! Cya next time.
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