TERRORIST Monk (Midrange-Control)

By: Russian Fushion
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Posted: 8 months ago
Updated: 8 months ago
Outdated (Skyrim patch)
Crafting Cost: 16450crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This is a VERY strong Midrange-Control Monk deck, it can deal with basicly ANYTHING you throw at it.
It is called TERRORIST Monk because of this deck ability to sabotage ur opponent's plans, it has an answer to EVERYTHING.
I was able to get about 85% win rate with deck from rank 12 to rank 5, at that point
I just stopped playing ranked cuz I'm lazy.
This deck got a lot of answers, can handle multiple threats, and is very potent vs aggro decks and can beat control decks as well, depending on ur play.

Here's my reasoning for the cards I chose to use :
Execute x2:
This card is just too good not to include in any willpower deck, it deals with snowbally cards like Descendant of Alkosh and protect ur main creatures from annoying low -attack-with-lethal pawns. in addition its a sweet kill combo with Cloudrest Illusionist.

Ungolim The Listener :
Best first draw card possible, as this deck got nice draw mechanics (x11 extra draws) this is just too good not to include. not a must but just a great card i'd include in most green decks.

Bruma Profiteer x3 :
one of the best 2 mana creatures in the game, its value is INSANE, the body itself is pretty decent for a 2 mana creature, but the potential for 10+ life gain is even sweeter.
It can also trade with most early threats without remorse of letting it die in the process.
Also it will help to bump LeafWater Blessing, making it super potent.

LeafWater Blessing x2 :
This card is so good, it gives u a recurring +1/+1 effect, for just 2 mana.
It allows favorable early trades, and can provide lethal late game, this card is almost always available during the mid and late game, so it will help u find those favorable trades in lane. the reason for having only 2 of those is that it gives u 1/25 chance to draw it, which is enough. 1 is useless (1/50), 3 is little bit too much (1/17).
use Knight Of The Hour and Bruma Profiteer to bump this.

MurkWater Witch x2 :
Creates opportunities for favorable trades, provides a quick meat shield for ur more valuable cards, very strong vs aggro decks.
Allows you to deal with annoying warded creatures.
Once u have even 1 Shearpoint Draon, this cards become from a 'nice card' to super good.

Thieves Guild Recruit x3 :
Very nice card draw, especially since u have x10 cards which cost 7+ mana.
Also when u buff this card with LeafWater Blessing the opponent actually need to deal its body threat.
In a perfect world u draw Eclipse Baroness with this, which draws Odahviing or Miraak :P

Astrid :
Beautiful card. provides a distraction for your enemy removals, allows favorable trades. If paired with Sanctuary Pet its even more awesome.
Basicly its goal is to just generate some mana for u so u can pull out the heavy guns way earlier than one might expect.
This card is cheap mana wise, and free soul wise.

Eastmarch Crusader x2:
Super good value for its card draw which is super easy to trigger, you can also play it without its draw effect if ur really pressed to have a body on board, its not a big deal if that happens. overall this card is very good and lets u keep tempo advantage or create one.

Penitus Oculatus Agent :
Oh I LOVE this card. the reason I use only 1 is just that I don't have the heart to remove other cards to make room for more of this. This card is so crazy versatile.
Think of it as a mini Ahnassi, but its different as it lets you chose which card to steal keywords from, meaning u can also steal keywords from ur own creatures.
lets say your Lethal creature just destroyed a 2/6 mummy after u -1/-1 here, ur lethal creature will surely die next turn, so u take its lethal and put it on the agent.
You have a charge creature and u attack enemy's face, now after he attack u summon the agent and steal ur own creature charge ability and he also have charge and BAAM u finish off ur enemy.

Sanctuary Pet x3:
This card is good as hell, If I could I would include 5 of this.
for only 3 mana it allows u to basically kill any card(1 turn after) and allows u to stall enough (with its shackle effect) to get the resource to protect whatever u wanted to protect. if u got Astrid on board the value from this card just EXPLODES as u can get that sweet sweet extra mana to play ur early Eclipse Baroness etc.. etc...
The ability of this card to control the board is not a joke.

Cloudrest Illusionist x3:
Prophecy, favorable trades, good body, need I say more?

Moonlight Werebat :
That extra edge and sustain vs aggro, but not a must, can be replaced with other sustain cards or another copy of Protector Of The Mane.

Mundus Stone :
If you get this bad boy early and the opponent lets it stay on the board... boy oh boy...

MurkWater Shaman x2:
This card is so damn good, and if it survives 1 round u already got ur money's worth.
Try to save the Curse from this untill u get Shearpoint Dragon on board, then its value EXPLODES. try to defend the Shamans as best as u can, protecting them well often leads to a victory as u strangle ur opponent with ur overwhelming board control.

Vicious Dreugh x2:
Deals with dangerous support cards, and can basically destroy decks that are putting all their eggs in one basket while relying on a draw of a support card and thinking it gonna stay on board forever ;)
3 of this is too much as not all decks use support cards at all but 1 is too little as 1/50 chance is too low to be reliable, therefore 2 is the ideal number.
If you feel the chance of ur opponent to have support cards is next to zero, just use it as a body, its not terrible.

Ahnassi :
Do I really need to explain ?

Knight Of The Hour x3:
DON'T UNDERESTIMATE this card, when I first saw it I thought "Meh its overpriced, 5 mana for a 3/3 body with some heal is bad", IT IS NOT!
This will bump ur LeafWater Blessing and makes aggro deck have bad time playing vs you, this is a must in this deck and u should have 3 of those, not negotiable!
Also works nicely with Protector Of The Mane, especially it the Protector is already on board, again, allows for a very favorable trades if u use it wisely.

Piercing Javelin x3:
Auto include in every Willpower deck, self explanatory.

Protector Of The Mane :
Very good guard, especially in this deck where u have a lot of sources of +Health.
This sweet guard grows every time it attacks somthing, and can provide a surprise lethal. You can add more of this if other cards are missing to create this deck.
You can play this card along with another cards that gives you health for huge value.
For example, when you already have Bruma Profiteer on board, and u play Protector of The Mane, it enters with +1/+1 :) sweet!

Shearpoint Dragon x3:
This card is good, but in this deck its VERY VERY good, it instantly upgrades all your -1/-1 effects and makes controlling the board a breeze. try to keep this one alive.
You can pretty much lock the board if u got 1 of this along with MurkWater shaman.

Chaurus Reaper :
This card is better than u think, especially in this deck, see Shearpoint Dragon above.
Also it can be drawn for 5 mana with Thieves Guild Recruit and with Eclipse Baroness.
Try to wait until u have Shearpoint Dragon on board for Maximum Damage ;)
It allows to deal with annoying small creatures\tokens, and it can EASILY steal the board control from ur opponent.

Eclipse Baroness x3:
No need to explain, almost a must include green card (just almost), very good body, very very good card draw, INSANE mana value.

Mantikora x3:
u have 9 chances to draw this with reduced cost (With Thieves Guild Recruit and Eclipse Baroness), this card is literally, a BEAST.
Deals with anything, can steal games.
*Please note, cards that states "can't be targeted by players action or abilities DOES NOT APPLY TO MANTIKORA as its effect comes from itself (the creature) and not from the player.

Miraak, Dragonborn :
Who said that money can't buy happiness?

Odahviing :
See Miraak.

Paarthurnax :
This card is fcking STRONG, especially when one of the shouts allows u to draw it again from discard.

**Praetorian Commander Variation**
Switch Mantikora, Miraak, Dragonborn, Odahviing with Praetorian Commander

Link to a game at rank 4 vs Sorcerer :

Thank you for reading all of this, I hope my in-depth analysis helped u,
If so please leave a like and a comment :)

Goodluck !

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Suenami 8 months ago
There are a bit to many 1 offs for my taste but i defenitely gonna try this list . Very good write up easy to understand and easily readable .....well done ! Greetings from Germany !
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Thank you,
I'll probably do this write up for the rest of my decks as well.
Suenami 7 months ago
Russian Fushion wrote:
Thank you,
I'll probably do this write up for the rest of my decks as well.
That would be nice . I got good results with the deck !
1 Reply
glad to hear this! :)
I'd really love to see some more monks in the ladder!
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