Mana Curve

0 6 12 16 9 3 1 3

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Lethal 17
Prophecy 15
Charge 7
Slay 4
Pilfer 3
Guard 3
Drain 3
Breakthrough 3
Last Gasp 1
Treasure Hunt 0
Regenerate 0
Ward 0
Assemble 0
Exalt 0
Betray 0
Plot 0
Rally 0


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Quick Lethal Archer

By: Ch4nKyy
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Posted: 11 months ago
Updated: 11 months ago
Outdated (Skyrim patch)
Crafting Cost: 10500crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This is my variation of Kusia_Kusmin's Lethal Archer.
I tried his Deck and had huge success by playing very aggressively, so I replaced some of the slower cards that I never needed.
I have a win rate of 80% in 40 games in Rank 5-1.

I'm still experimenting with some cards, but this is the current state and it's working.

The idea is to put a lot of pressure on your opponent and get insane kills with Archer's Gambit and Quicksilver Crossbow.
With a lot of Lethal and Lane Shifting, you can pretty much dictate the board and surprise your enemy every turn.

If your enemy plays a lot in one lane, just get in the other lane and let some of the creatures alive, so he gives you card draw and prophecies.

You can win races easily, because you can put strong creatures on your side of the board and still control the other side.

Against greedy Control decks, just overwhelm them. You can get rid of big guards easily.

You have some instant damage on the Hand with Cliff Racers and Tazkad and can remove stuff with Giants and Viper and Lethal, obviously.

Comments on Cards

Rapid Shot
It helps you draw your key cards. Also it's great versus Wards, which is usually a problem.

Shadow Shift
Also good card draw and can be valuable to shift your lethals, threats or Cutpurses around.

Probably the slowest card of the Deck and I think about replacing it, but overall it's so good... Expendable.

Archer's Gambit
The synyergy is so OP... it's basically, kill a minion and shift a creature.

Circle Initiate
The beast form is huuuge. Also it's a Prophecy.

Daring Cutpurse
Great pressure. There might be better aggro tools, but with you board controlling effects you can easily guarantee some Pilfers.

Fighter Guild Recruit
Well it's a Prophecy and a Lethal. Nice.

In this Deck I really love her. Lethal herself and with the amount of Lethals in the Deck, her ability is nice.

Brotherhood Slayer
Great card with Prophecy. Can often setup the Slay ability into a power turn afterwards.

Nimble Ally
4/4 for 3 with Lethal (nearly every time)

Quicksilver Crossbow
Just as good as Archer's Gambit. The lethal synergy is great.
I love it with FGR. You can kill any creature, kill a 2/5 and still keep your FGR with 1 hp.
Sometimes 2 extra face damage can also mean Lethal to your opponent.

Sanctuary Pet
Lethal and Shackle is so good.

Skooma Racketeer
Probably one of the lowest power level in the Deck, but it kinda guarantess that you have a Lethal creature for the Combo cards. Expendable.

Earthbone Spinner
Silence and 1 damage is soo good and versatile. Also, it crushes Aggro 4/1 creatures.

Moonlight Werebat
Insane card. Often you have to assume that it gets removed instantly, but 4 damage with Drain and Prophecy is soo good, especially against aggressive Decks.

Territorial Viper
Another Lethal setup and instant creature removal.
I feel like 2 of them is enough thou, because they offer no face damage.
I'll update it soon. Expendable.

Cliff Racer
Great card. Offers a lot of surprise face damage and value trade potential.

Allena Benoch
A 6 mana 1/1 is not that great to pressure, but at least it can remove stuff instantly.

Belligerent Giant
It's a great card, because on Turn 7 you usually threaten to kill your opponent and then he drops something huge on the board and you can just remove it for a great tempo swing.

Finish him!

Comments on Alternatives

I'm still experimenting myself.
I think there are many viable alternatives. It just has to be aggressive, but with a bit of value.
We don't have many slots to replace, though! Currently I am replacing 1 Viper and the 3 Skoomas.
Remember that green cards are favorable, because of Nimble ally, althoguh his proc chance is pretty good already.

Protector of the Innocent
Morkul Gatekeeper
Lurking Crocodile
Good damage and Prophecy!

Serpentine Stalker
Very flexible.

Sticky pressure.

Crushing Blow
Could work well for removal and face damage.

Underworld Vigilante
Battlerage Orc
Charge, but bad stats...

I think they could work well.

Dune Smuggler
Good stats and more lane shifting

House Kinsman
Good tempo, good impact.


It's a great aggro card, but we are not that "all out". Also, we don't want to waste Lethals on a 2/1...

Goblin Skulk
I think it's way too slow. It beat most of the Archers and Assassins with it.
Drain Vitality, Curse, Skulk and Shearpoint Dragon are great, but it's a different Deck.

Withered Hand Cultist
We run few Actions, but you never want to block your card draw and Archer's Gambit, I think.

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You said you've deleted Baronesses and etc expensive cards, but you left the most expensive Tazkad? oO
9 mana, 6 dmg?
1 Reply
Ch4nKyy 11 months ago
Tazkad does 6 face damage. Do I need to say more?
belze 11 months ago
what about lucien? does it proc with arcehr gambit and qs crowwbow?
1 Reply
Ch4nKyy 11 months ago
Pretty sure it does.
Thanks for posting. :)

Had a lot of success with an archer deck last season but hit a wall until I saw this and the deck that inspired it.
44% win rate at rank 7 after 25 games. I lose literally every time I play against Spellsword decks, and about 80% of the time any deck includes Intelligence.
2 Replies
Ch4nKyy 11 months ago
Maybe it just does not fit your playstyle.
Spellswords give me the most difficulty with this deck too. I'm 4 out of 7 against them. Otherwise an 80% win rate.
Ice-Nine 11 months ago
This is very similar to the deck I'm running, but that's not surprising since I based it on Kusia_Kusmin's deck as well.

I dropped the 3x Circle Initiate for 3x Feasting Vulture. I feel like this deck has an easier time consistently meeting the Vulture buff condition on curve, compared to the Initiate buff condition. It's not Prophecy, but it's Green which helps Nimble Ally.

I also dropped the Territorial Vipers. 4 Magicka to kill a creature seemed redundant. Instead I added 2x Underworld Vigilante for extra reach, and a third Rapid Shot. Archer has always been my most-played archetype, and I can't tell you how many games have been won because I had two 4-damage charge creatures on hand to smack face.

Other than those swaps, I think everything else is the same as yours.
1 Reply
I've also thought about dropping the Circle Initiates. Feasting Vulture is a Great Suggestion! What about Afflicted Alit to pick up the pace? If I haven't beaten them by round 9, my odds drop dramatically.

The Territorial Vipers have kept me in control of the board far too many times for me to swap them out. They're especially useful late game against mage decks, just after ice storm or dawn's wrath has cleared the board and my opponent is set to gain creature dominance.
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