Mana Curve

3 6 8 19 11 3 0 0

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Charge 17
Prophecy 9
Guard 3
Ward 3
Breakthrough 3
Last Gasp 2
Regenerate 0
Rally 0
Slay 0
Wane 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Wax 0
Lethal 0
Drain 0
Betray 0
Exalt 0
Invade 0
Pilfer 0
Assemble 0
Plot 0


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Rank 1 Legend - August 2017 Battle Mage

By: ogflex
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Posted: 2 years ago
Updated: 2 years ago
Outdated (Skyrim patch)
Crafting Cost: 9300crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
My battlemage i used to hit rank 1 legend with a 38-6 Score

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What would you recommend as a replacement for "Relentless Raidier"?
2 Replies
azures 2 years ago
Fiery Imp.
ogflex 2 years ago
Azures knows me so well
Deleted Comment
Deleted Comment
1 Reply
ArchusX 2 years ago
bro just go face lmao
I asked the same question , while he streamed .
He said he tried Quatermasters, but likes IMP's much more .

"An uncontested imp can win you games + its 2 Dmg face no matter what "

So the answer is imps. :)
Zyvvrict 2 years ago
Congratulations on hitting #1!! Thank you for sharing the deck.
i saw u live reaching top1 legend in the first day of this season, gj dude! this deck looks awesome
L3nz0 2 years ago
Hey, Is there a replacement for Underworld Vigilante?
1 Reply
Bot Boot 2 years ago
hey wat can i use instead of underworld vigilante ? pls help
2 Replies
Targust 2 years ago
There is no other card that both has charge and can remove enemy cover. You might be able to use Battlefield Scrounger. It's a 3/3 charge creature that has potential to get you items. You can also try Barbas if you happen to have a copy, I think that would be better than Scavenger but still not as good as Vigilante. If you want to play this deck you should try to get Vigilante, there's not really a great substitute.

Hope this helps, sorry if it doesn't :)
Bot Boot 2 years ago
Roger Babin 2 years ago
Legend Rank is completely different from normal ranks because I've gone 0 wins and 7 losses with this deck so far at rank 5. I've made legend before so while some of this is attributed to lack of skill I think a larger part of it is that this deck is just bad at worse ranks. I was heavily blocked in both lanes and while I could frequently get the enemy to 10 health I could never close the deal.

The fact that nearly every player is running prophecy heavy decks means that this deck is punished early and often in addition to whatever removal/guard the player plays on their turn.

Kudos to the creator for making this work so successfully but after so many losses I'll move on to something else.
1 Reply
Frag 2 years ago
Just gave this a shot at Rank 5 and here is what I noted:

Aggro - You actually seem to be weak to the popular aggro decks as their prophecies beat your rush (Proph BM specifically)
Midrange - Only faced Assassin (twice) and they crushed me. Couldn't answer Skulks/Shaman or Queen. I'm sure if you had on-curve answers for those cards you'd have a chance.
Control - Oh boy are they in trouble, only issue I had was I faced this one guy with a Scout Prophecy deck, couldn't beat that. Otherwise was 8-1 against the other control decks.

All-in-all, as with most decks, it's about what you're facing. This is good at closing against control, and I'm sure that's what is in Legend. At Rank 5 though, go with something more traditional that has game against a wider field, IMO.
JWF239 2 years ago
Why no Mighty Ally? I understand it doesn't have charge but there is a 90% chance it will activate in this deck. A 6/3 breakthrough seems worth the risk it will get removed. Maybe over spinner? I've personally never liked spinner in super aggressive decks. Do you think shield breaker alone isn't enough to deal with guards?
1 Reply
Targust 2 years ago
This deck is all about doing burst damage on your turn, Ally gives your opponent a turn to react with removal, guards or silence. Once you run out of cards you are usually looking to draw instant damage to finish the game, this is where Mighty Ally is not as good. That's not to say Mighty Ally is wrong, it is probably worth trying for yourself and seeing how it goes.

Shield Breaker is probably enough to deal with guards. Spinner also allows you to silence threats with strong abilities such as drain and pilfer or things like Murkwater Shaman that generate curses every turn. So instead of having to trade in your creatures trying to kill such creatures you can ignore them and continue smashing face.
Dutio 2 years ago
This deck is simply SUPERB. I had to make a tiny modify to adapt the missing Raider. Fast and fun, i made runs fast 5 turns, simple awesomeness. It's super aggressive, very few opponents can keep up the flux of damage. Impressive.
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