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By: ArrowofKira22
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Posted: 11 months ago
Updated: 11 months ago
Outdated (1.66.1 patch)
Crafting Cost: 17600crystal
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Hey Guys, ArrowofKira here and i'm sharing you my Channel your Rage deck with you.

Rage decks aren't new, but that one might be more different. I got inspired my another decks i love playing namely Slay Scout and Rage Warrior. This decks can get insane value or make huge tempo plays on board with cards like Brotherhood Sanctuary and Unstoppable Rage. My idea was to use these 2 cards in conjunction to crush any hope your opponent had on winning. :D

Since Archer was the way to go i went to make it more like a controlish deck with Quicksilver Crossbow and Archer's Gambit and use them with lethal creatures. But even the creatures with slay abilities like Brotherhood Slayer and Battlefield Scrounger can make use of that cards.

Overall you want to gather all your combo pieces to get insane value of cards like Brotherhood Slayer and Battlefield Scrounger. Like i said with Brotherhood Sanctuary and Unstoppable Rage you can trigger their effects multiple times. Since the magicka curve isn't that high except of Paarthurnax you can play midrangy or controlish, that depends on the matchup. It isn't worse when you take your time, cards like Eclipse Baroness and Paarthurnax enables you some kind of lategame options for you. Be aware that your opponent tries to play around your rage, but a strong field presence on the field lane should force your oponent into the shadow lane, where it is easier for you to prepare your Unstoppable Rage. One thing to notice is the card Brotherhood Sanctuary, activate them on the turn when you can slay something, otherwise your opponent knows of your gameplan and the surprise effect can have a huge impact on the current gamestate.

Win conditions:
There're many win conditions in this deck, You can finish people off with Rage, outvalue them with Brotherhood Sanctuary or you can win with Night Mother. And when needed you can just go face and go for the midrangy playing style.
Unstoppable Rage + Child of Hircine + Brotherhood Sanctuary allows Hircine to go crazy, because her slay ability will get activated multiple times for each card you slay with Rage. Serpentine Stalker can get multiple atk buffs allows her to otk opponents. It's not even that difficult to make this happen because she can switch the lanes, slay a minion and then rage make her to a big dragon like odaviing :D But my absolute favourite card is Battlefield Scrounger, i play him in as many decks as i can and in this deck he's showing his full potential. Getting multiple random items doesn't seem that powerful, but the items can buff any other creature to use then their slay abilities on other creatures. You can get breakthrough on some items what makes your Rages beter, you can get some ridiculous shenanigans like Dragon Priest Mask and then you can use it on Paarthurnax... you see, that's just the beginning of what he's capable of. Overall this decks works pretty well, it can win against almost everything, but it is a combo deck and not tier 1, it should make fun and not win every match.

Just give it a shot, pleasefeel free to ask any questions and suggestions you have in the comments, i'll respond asap. Have fun and enjoy,

Your ArrowofKira ;D

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At the Moment i'm testing Duel Atop The World for Baroness, the Card does almost the same as Rage and is a surprise for your opponents
I use a very similar deck, but not having takazad, ungolim and alena broch, i use quinrawlburglar and Journeytosavngarde instead of nightmother. Will try your version anyway :-)
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