Rage Forge Archer [Legend 220 to 80, 80% WR]

By: Furo
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Posted: 7 months ago
Outdated (1.66.1 patch)
Crafting Cost: 12800crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
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Superb deck!
I am missing a 8/8 giant, any replacement?
2 Replies
I use Tazkad. Or if you don't have him another Belligerent Giant might work.
Tomaq 7 months ago
Replaced Giant with Tazkad aswell, works great. Love this deck!
Loved the deck! I don't have enough cards to pull it off but even coming close has made me a powerhouse.
Only 1100 gems away...

Looks SO FUN!
Is Allena Benoch important to have in this deck? If not, what's a good replacement?
4 Replies
Furo 7 months ago
The extra ping in combination with an Archer's Gambit can really do a lot in this deck, so yeah she is.
If you want to replace her you have the option to push in another Giant Bat, Ungolim or Brotherhood Slayer as a early option or for more greed add one more Bell Giant or Tazkad!
Tazkad can be extremly fun as well ;)
Actually, she's surprisingly good. She often goes 2-for-1, but can even go 3-for-1 or more with Archer's Gambit and Unstoppable Rage. Excluding her from the deck isn't going to kill your win-loss ratio, but she can definitely help you shut down feisty opponents.
I recently crafted her and I agree now, she's really good.
Norman 7 months ago
It's not as good, but a Territorial Viper is a not-terrible replacement and at least gets you a quick kill when needed.
Vladi 7 months ago
Nice deck. First try 8/1 )))
Skygkar 7 months ago
Wow ! Fun moment when I played Pyromancer and the Forge gave it lethal !!! Pure RNG but what a blast :-). A very fun deck to play with a lot of possible combo.

@Constandeus : tried with Ungolim the Listener, but didn't work. I personally find myself a lot in situation where I need a lethal shot to control the board (usually Gambit + any lethal creature), so Allena is more useful for me, even if on the expensive side. Another card that combo well with rage if it survives a turn.
Awesome deck! So much fun to play, so much possibilities. Played some other decks here but they didn't feel rewarding or only had one way to win. This deck is just so much fun!
This deck is incredibly fun to play with! Thanks for sharing this with us!
terrific deck. thanks for the share
jimbo8992 7 months ago
Why the Snake Tooth Necklace? Every time I get it I wish it was a crossbow to take advantage of lethal creatures more. Other than that I love the deck
1 Reply
i presume its because necklace + rage = crazy health gainz
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