Ramp/Control Feat. Wombo Combo

By: MrN0b0dy
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Posted: 9 months ago
Outdated (1.66.1 patch)
Crafting Cost: 14550crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.

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Emcee 9 months ago
I gave this deck a spin yesterday, with a couple changes:

-2 Dremora
+1 Blood Magic Lord
+1 Night Talon Lord

I went 7-1 against aggressive decks at rank 5. It feels pretty good and similar to Ramp Scout, but with easier ways to stabilize with all the lethal, especially when combo'd with Crossbow or Rage. I didn't have any Dremora so I replaced them with one Blood Magic Lord and one Night Talon Lord. In my limited games, I think I'm going to switch in another Night Talon because drain is so good for stabilizing...and because comboing it with Rage is the most satisfying play in the game. I feel like Dremora is too greedy. I'm sure the OTK combo with an activated Pure-Blood Elder is cool, but like with Scout, a few 8/8s and board control is usually enough to win.

Fun deck!
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MrN0b0dy 9 months ago
Yeah night talon lord is probably good for that spot, or vigilant giant or belligerent giant. Dremora is there for the idea more than anything, I think it works better than the similar thing I've seen with people putting world eaters eyrie in. That is more of a tempo loss than dremora, and dremora is a surprise. I honestly don't think dremora is as bad as people make out, especially in a deck like this with quite a lot of big stuff. Hes a 10/10 guard for 10 if worst comes to worst, and you don't absolutely have to do the combo, you can still whittle them down a bit, and do a 20/20 odahviing or something if you really want/have to. I have only actually pulled off the combo, and one hittered someone once, against a midrange archer when I was on 4 health.
MrN0b0dy 9 months ago
Another thing i forgot to mention is, when I was theory crafting I thought of the unlikely situation where they have a lane full of big guards trying to block you. To get pure blood elder to activate you need 18 magicka anyway. So, I thought how cool would it be if they thought there's no chance, then next minute you have a 32/32 breakthrough, unstoppable rage.
How has this performed for you on the ladder?
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MrN0b0dy 9 months ago
I honestly haven't tested it enough due to me not really playing ranked and mainly playing arena, but i have won more than I lost, it's fairly inconsistent though. Seems to get 2-3 wins, then loses, then gets 2-3 wins then loses. It feels like the main problem is tree minder not being a good enough body to block anything, and having no support removal when if you play vs ramp scout they will remove your hist grove while you have nothing to remove theirs. After playing with it more, it feels like tree minder isn't really needed, and maybe 3x shadowfen priest would be better.
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