[WIP]OhSnappl's Hexmage Dragons | 9 Win Gauntlets

By: OhSnappl
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Posted: 9 months ago
Updated: 9 months ago
Outdated (1.66.1 patch)
Crafting Cost: 11100crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This deck like most of my created decks is more about fun than winning so I'd never guarantee winning, you also have to play the deck as if it were a control deck sometimes so be ready for that. Please take a look at the deck before you play it to make sure you know what a good starting hand against your next opponent would look like when you're choosing cards.

Update 1 (Important Info on how to play this deck and WIN):
I was lucky enough to have the awesome streamer Furo try my deck out, unfortunately I wasn't around to help him play the deck but I've watched him play it and it helped me come up with more helpful advice, check out Furo creating and playing 3 games with it HERE

I realized I had the deck wrong when I saw Furo play it, I had an extra Telvanni Arcanist but a Finish Off is better because 1: it is an action and 2: more synergy with curses/drain vitality and maybe even gives Ungolim a little help.

One thing I saw was that Furo approached this deck like other combo decks, this deck is heavily dependent on Lilliandril for a combo so getting hit in the face is not as good as it may be in other decks where the next card you get may be part of the combo you need and not a 3/50. When you can defend your face you should try to defend it, for example on the second match Furo played he could have avoided 9 damage to face by cursing and finishing off the opponents paarthurnax. I would have liked to see that play instead of taking 9 to the face. Also on his 3rd game he landed a prophecy with 10 health left (& the opponent on one card) and chose the greedier play to keep Brotherhood Slayer alive than to avoid another 3 damage by shearpointing another creature and losing the Slayer. Lastly Revealing the Unseen cards should be played as a last option, if you can take control of the board then please take it, this deck is very limited in healing and draw therefore it is very important to take board control with this deck. That being said I'd like to thank Furo for giving the deck a chance and he managed to win with a pretty bad hand of a Tazkad and a Curse so that was pretty awesome, If you enjoyed the video please check his stuff out.

I went 9-2 back to back with this deck on gauntlet mode, unfortunately i tried a different deck for my first run so i can't say I got 27 wins with this single deck.

This deck is similar to my mage deck with Lilly, the basic strategy is control and save for Lillian to do work, there's less control and more reliance on combos on this deck though.

I've included a couple synergy packages:

Curse + Kill Synergy Package: 0 cost Curse, Goblin Skulk, Finish Off,
, these have some friends for extra help Drain Vitality and cards with double synergy Murkwater Shaman & Shearpoint Dragon.

Dragon + Health Synergy Package: Woodland Lookout, Mystic Dragon, Shearpoint Dragon and another double synergy card Paarthurnax. In regards to gaining health you also have Brynjolf and Queen Barenziah.

Lillian Damage Package: I'll go from Highest Cost to lowest-

Paarthurnax: Great card on its own but the 0 cost shouts can be combined with Lillian/s for decent one turn damage.

Murkwater Shaman: She creates 0 cost actions if she lives, not much more to say other than pile them up and profit(You may want to keep your self in the game over saving up for the combo at times). Unfortunately I felt 3 of these was too greedy so I cut one.

Lightning Bolt: If you manage to get Lightning Bolt and Lillian on hand same turn you can get 6 damage for 9 mana to skip the last rune. Great Finisher.

Telvanni Arcanist + Revealing the Unseen: Random actions are random, they can cost 0 or they can cost 8+(too much to combo with Lillian). They can also be really helpful on the same turn or can be the reason you lost the game. Funny enough though I won my last game on gauntlet with hit and run + Lillian Combo. Important: Telvanni is one of the creatures you are fine with trading 1 for 1 because of it's last gasp, a 2 for 1 trade for him can be good or bad.

Brotherhood Slayer: Gives you 0 cost contracts on slay, if you can pile them up then you can not only have 12 mana combos with Lillian but maybe even play a few extra actions because of it.

Lastly this deck has 15 prophecies which is decent but I would advice not to count on them too much. You may want one of the prophecies in your starting hand: Brotherhood Slayer can be a great start to take control of field lane and Blacksap Protector may be a necessity against aggro decks.

Enjoy and feedback is welcome. Thanks.

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KarbyP 9 months ago
This is really bad. Just flat out loses to Aggro with no answers.
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