Dragon Might: Release Version v.6.0

By: santiagopazm
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Posted: 1 year ago
Updated: 1 year ago
Outdated (1.66.1 patch)
Crafting Cost: 16800crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Let's face it. Version 5.0 had a lot of flaws. Scratch that: It was completely broken. It was a huge step backwards from version 4.0, which took me from rank 5 to rank 1. It felt that it had hit its ceiling, so I posted on Reddit for insight and asked a few friendly streamers for opinions on certain topics I felt had the deck limping. I received great advice and a lot of help. My gratitute to them (Thanks at the end of this brief note).

When I tried version 5.0, I realized that I had added things and taken some others, in order to make the deck more competitive, but I realized by the long losing streak that simply adding "staple" cards didn't make the deck work on its own. I checked the list and realized that I was aimlessly adding cards, not only bloating it, but also turning it into a swiss army blade: It did a lot of things, but none of them were done propperly or correctly. The deck had been turned into an aimless monster.

Second, I realized that there had to be logic behind the number of cards. I posted on Reddit, asking opinons on ammount of cards. CVH himself showed up and gave great advice in this video. It explains why your card count should be as low as possible and the explanation on the possibity of drawing the correct card for the correct board situation. I highly reccomend it.

Third, I analized the cards that compose the current meta for the colors I'm using. I usually don't like the meta. It makes me feel that I'm not thinking and I'm droning my way towards nothing. That's why I always try to deviate from it. I love challenging my mind. I realized that, while not necessarily conforming to its standards, I can incorporate some of its ideas to make my plays stronger. Adapt and survive, without compromising your identity, is the key to the game for me. I selected those I thought I could include in this deck, to improve the impact of the cards I like to play.

Finally, I deconstructed the deck and analized from the earliest version up to 4.0, to really determine what I wanted the deck to be and what made the deck tick. So I started from scratch. Added the cards that made the deck's backbone, it's identity so to say: Ramp and Dragons. That's where it all started. Then I added cards that balanced the gameplay and made the deck competitive. I reached 48 cards, with a balance of stopping power and board presence, giving the deck a chance to reach mid-game, in order to start dropping dragons into game. I tested several cards to see which would make the deck feel more fluid and playable. Only after this lengthy process, I can really say that I have defined this deck's identity.

Dragon Might is a deck that revolves around dragons. Its power should manifest itself by board presence and overpowering the oponents board status. Therefore, it's win condition is to create a positive board control status. To reach this, there must be some control of the early game. Small guards, tokens and midrange dragons will help with this. The ammount of copies and the cards included for this purpose have been refined, avoiding going too far over 50, making it favourable for the deck to reach midgame, without taking a big hit and making you go into emergency mode (which this deck is able to do, given the right conditions).

General Strategy:

Early game: This is a delicate part. Your starting draw should have plenty of 3-cost cards, not counting Soul Tear (useless for obvious reasons). Drawing a Wall, a Call of Valor and a Bruma Armourer, is an ideal start to create some challenge, maybe trade or perhaps put some pressure on your oponent. Be mindful of breaking too many runes with some decks (Battlemage, Control monk/mage) and don't overplay until you have no cards in hand. Certain decks will make the game come to you, like Control Mage. Wait for them to play and respond in kind. The biggest challenge for this deck is early pressure: Token Crusader and Orc Warrior. Ramp scout will be a cat-and-mouse game all the way, trading smartly and taking some damage early on. A good hand will contain one or two ramping elements. If you draw a shit hand, the deck will emerge eventually, given some time and light to mid pressure. Manage your resources finely. Survive is the name of the game. The main objective of this stage is to start ramping.

Midgame opens many oportunities for you to retake control of the board, if you have been subjected to early pressure. This deck has plenty of creature removal, for this intent. Start playing dragons and, if available, go Tullius for some big hits and some stopping power with guards. Keep ramping whenever possible and use Soul Tear to return the creatures you think that might have impact on the current board status. Don't be afraid to trade your dragons. The main objective of this stage is to maintain ramp and start putting the board in your favour.

Late game is very satisfying. It turns into a control deck easily, with Miraak, big dragons and shouts. It should cement your lead in board control and striking hard without fear of prophecies should be a walk in the park. Just be mindful of how much life you have left. Taking a lightning bolt to the face when you have the perfect board status is never fun.

That's about it. I'm pretty satisfied with the result. I tested it today and obtained a 60% WR, including a 50% WR against ramp scout. It could even improve to 66-70, given the fact that I misplayed in 2 games, for dumb reasons. Big thanks to CVH (Twitch), OMGItsNilsson (Twitch) and Reddit user u/lawrevrb, for pointing me in the right direction to reconstruct this deck. Please give it a try and leave a comment with your ideas and your experiences with the deck! Thanks for reading!

PS: I never delete the previous versions of the decks I build, so I can go back to them for reference and also to follow my own process of thought. It also keeps me real with past mistakes.

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Can't wait to try this deck out!
1 Reply
Lemme know. All info of its performance is appreciated!
what are the bad matchups for this deck?
1 Reply
Any aggro/early pressure. In those cases your objective is to survive until turn 6 or 7 maybe. If they can't get the kill by then, you'll turn it around, unless you're unlucky. Also Altar decks are annoying as hell, but they can be maneuvered around.
deck is very-very slow so I'm trying to add more cheap cards into it. It's fun, nevertheless.
Also thrown in a Dragon mound which leads to some hilarious matches ))
1 Reply
Yes. That's why the early game strategy is SURVIVE. Eventually, the deck emerges and it crushes the oponent. Unless you get a really terrible starting hand and the other deck gets a perfect aggro draw, you'll win in late game.

Dragon mound is hillarious.
HrenWam 1 year ago
Video on this deck
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