Token Spellsword w/o Marked Man (Legend)

By: Artcalibur
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Posted: 1 week ago
Updated: 1 week ago
Up to date (1.66.1 patch)
Crafting Cost: 7950crystal
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A week ago when I first started Legends I picked token spellsword as my preferred choice to build when looking through the deck builder. Finished Solo Arena then went to crafting but there was the obvious problem of not having the Dark Brotherhood expansion which held the prized Marked Man.
I had three options:
    1. Buy the Expansion with real cash.
    2. Craft a diffrent deck.
    3. Save in-game gold for expansion.
I went with #3 and tried to make the deck without Marked Man which blew my expectations. I tested all the one drops spellsword had to offer the best one being aldmeri patriot. Eventually got the first wing of the expansion too.

Explanations(For Non-Staples):
Aldmeri Patriot - One of the most underrated cards in the game right now. A one for a 2/3 body is great in all phases in the game. Obvious downfall is not getting the +1/+1 but it's surprisingly rare for it to happen.
Dawnstar Healer - For token mirror matches and prophecy decks.
Pit Lion - This card at 3 felt greedy to me as high level players around it well, so I switched one for Dawnstar Healer.
Edict of Azura - Three is too much removal. Imprison is buffed by replacing a Edict too.
Thieves Guild Shadowfoot - Imperative for guaranteeing lethal and increases win rate against control/mid-range.
Winterhold Illusionist - Versatile card that's psuedo-removal. Great combo piece to reuse the decks powerful summon effects. Great in the mid-game.

Proof of Legend:

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Never mind this deck. ' A week ago when I first started legends' and ' finished solo arena'. I would rather hear how this was accomplished, I cant get past rank 6 in solo.

Hats off to you sir
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Thanks! Solo gets pretty unfair quickly get cards that are good on curve/board control and mix in good prophecies as well. Crusader was the best class for me.
TSM Tails 1 week ago
As someone who also hit legend within a week of playing, before buying the story addition. Well played indeed. I like your logic behind Lion; even in Token decks it's risky versus better players. The tech Dawnstar is also smart as a mirror match card and also to maintain the curve.
Also not seeing Javelin is rarely a good thing. :]

Conversation Generation: Out of interest with only 5 destroy cards as it were. How often do you run into big blockers such as Dark Guardian? Obviously its a small issue for any token deck- seeing a large guard so I was wondering if you're only aiming to pop problems off the board with Edict and the Imprisons. :]

Up-voted for visibility. ^,^
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Dark guardian is one the strong counters it's hard to get rid of on curve(forces shadow lane early). I just try to keep the tempo up. And yes Edict and imprisons should only be used on high priority cards if possible. Shadowfoot helps a lot too for rng-ing removal.
You prove that you're legend but in your history you're not using this deck....
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How would you know? It's a spells word all 3 matchups
Christian Brooks wrote:
How would you know? It's a spells word all 3 matchups
my bad read it wrong hahaha
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