Takamoro's Legend Vampramp

By: Hedonist Jester
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Posted: 2 years ago
Updated: 2 years ago
Outdated (1.66.1 patch)
Crafting Cost: 14550crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Plenty of up votes, so as I promised - here's your guide! I'll break it into sections with a table of contents so as to make it easier since I tend to be long winded.

1. Concept
2. Cards
3. What's Missing
4. Mulligans
5. Playstyle

1. Concept:
The deck is founded on more of a thought process than a win approach. I mean hell, when you run Unstoppable Rage and seven minions with breakthrough, winning will eventually come on it's own. The thought process is simple: If I can survive the early and mid games, I will win.

"But Jester," you say, "I also try to survive the early game and then Spellsword cleans my clock or Merric finishes off what I have left!" Warrior's cards are not very well suited to controlling in the midgame like Spellsword or Archer. In fact, they're a rather backwards class. The others tend to have control early on, with removal hitting in the midgame (Bruma Profiteer, Curses and FGR, etc) followed by Javelin, Edict, Spearpoints, etc as clean up. Some going so far into late removal as Mantikora. Warrior however has very little "removal" in the mid and end game aside from Fell the Mighty.... and Fell the Mighty does nothing to increase your own tempo, and is limited. Since most of warriors removal is early game, it's very important for warrior to use mid game trades and efficiency to control. Basically, warrior in TESL is not built for a control oriented play style.

We can get around that though. If we remove enough quickly, we can use efficiency in the mid to gain control and defense... using what precious little magicka we're left with to ramp whenever we can. It's a very hectic playstyle - and tends to be fragile if you're not patient. So I built the deck with early removal in mind, buying to turn 3 where we can start controlling instead with efficiency.

2. Cards:
3 Sharpshooter Scout - This finishes up enemies nicely, stems the early blood flow, prophetically stops damaged minions. "Rapid Shot draws me a card though!" Big whoop. Now you've got a replacement card on the first turn that you can't cast until late and doesn't gain immediate removal... unless you happened to kill something with it, and then it's strictly worse than Sharpshooter. "Play both then!" You play both. I swing one way. Stops Greystone Ravager, Bruma, Orc Captain, surprises Nord chargers, and delays pit lion one turn if you smack the marked man, or the scout.

3 Protector of the Innocent - Dragontail, and Wind Keep are both solid 2 drops. If I needed another, I'd use one of those two. But while wind keep survives to deal it's damage twice, it does so while they attack past it. Protector makes sure they take that three damage, and even if he kamikazes, he bought you another turn toward control. Then in the late game, he's got prophecy so you have at least a chance of not wasting 2 magicka on him. Also, PotI gives you a 3 point lane swipe for 9. Wind keeps costs 2. Not a large difference unless you need to waste a rage, but when you do you'd be much happier if the job was finished.

3 Dark Guardian - 7 points of guard stat for 3. Yes please. I'm never sad to draw this card in the opening. Also - Feel free to attack (intelligently) into runes with him in play. Drawing cards off of him is just gravy.

3 Keeper of the Watch - These used to be East Empire Crafters until a suggestion in the comments lead me to further testing. The ability for these to double as PotI 4 through 6 helps tremendously in the anti agro game, at the cost of some midgame control. Since the one was more important than the other, it performed superior.

3 Hist Grove - This deck needs lots of ramp,.. but Hist Grove takes precedence over Hist Speaker because they can't take back the magicka, and combined with a 14 magicka turn East Empire, you get some really beefy 9/9 guarding gators.

3 Quicksilver crossbow - You don't want to use these if you don't have to. I'd waste one if it would prevent me taking 5 damage over time however. Otherwise, see if you can't hold on and pair it with Cicero or a Venomtongue.

3 Skaven Pyromancer - If this card didn't exist, I'd have given up on control warrior long ago in favor of Spellsword. He's a house in the early game. Don't hold him if you've got nothing better to do unless they're playing market, sader, or mage. Those are where you'll see some serious efficiency.

2 Mummify - While Soul Tear was nice, it's slow and unnecessary since the nerf. The deck packs more threat than any others currently, and so removing one of their big ones it far more devastating than returning one of your own.

3 Tree Minder - More ramp. The guard is gravy. He should actually read "Gain 1 magicka, your opponent discards a firebolt, curse, or execute." since that's what always happens. I've been in the midgame with 12 magicka on turn 8, and dropped one of these in front of a Black Dragon just to get the other two out of my deck... but you need them as extra Hist groves just to add consistency.

2 Archein Venomtongue - Unreliable as ramp, but is often enough a 3 for 2 with crossbow to allow him a spot. I consider these guys fear tactics, and would sooner add Lucien than a third should a spot open up because of nerfing.

3 Preserver of the Root - This is the point in the game where we switch from removal to control/defense. Turn 3. Preserver baits response even before the 7 magicka mark, and they know you play ramp. Don't kid yourself. They knew the second they didn't see an orc on turn 2. So they're going to kill this in the next two turns, which buys you guess what.... more time!

Cicero the Betrayer - Unless you have a handful of answers... which you don't... never play this card. "But Jester, if I shouldn't play this card - why is it in the deck?!" Okay fine... if you really want to play it, go ahead. But you'd better also have a crossbow or a rage, and the magicka to cast both. Cicero is like the big red button, and you're everyone looking over Trumps shoulder. You shouldn't want to ever do it - but you'll know when it's time.

1 Gortwog gro-Nagorm - Why? Because I can't play six of him, that's why. If you've played with him before, you know what he does. If you haven't, you'll see what he does. If someone's played him against you, and you didn't have an answer? You lost.

3 Night Shadow - After all the early removal and then setting up mid game defenses - you commonly find yourself around the 13 or 14 health mark. So you spend all your magicka dropping this guy in hopes of building back up. Only he gets hit in the face with a Javelin and you end up dying before you see a second one. Learn this story. It's the story of your life. We run three anyway, just on the off chance we get to 13 magicka and rage him the same turn while still alive.

3 Spine of Eldersblood - This card should never have been printed. It continues the ramp momentum while also providing a controlling and threatening body correct for the curve. Since your curve is on a ramp... that's just wrong. They will most certainly waste removal on this guy after taking one to the face.

2 Belligerent Giant - Bounces guards, and blasts supports. The 7/4 breakthrough body is just to show off. Heck... go ahead and craft a premium one because his position in this deck is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, at the suggestion of the comments, there's two of these now.

3 Pure Blood Elder - You play this guy as soon as you can unless it means you die next turn. They'll kill it. Or they better. He might as well change his name to Gortwog. But you have three cards in the deck that can bring him back and make them kill him again.

3 Unstoppable Rage - The reason control warrior is viable: This card mixed with breakthrough allows for life, magicka, and card swings That look eerily similar to MTGs old school mirror universe. You only have three of them! Use them wisely. If you've used two of them already and draw a third, and your enemy is still not dead... see if you can't kill him without it, because it will indeed be your alpha.

1 Vigilant Giant - This used to be another Belligerent, and I had no problem with that... but I found I was getting to 8 magicka mark with only bad plays from Belligerent available, and drawing a card/setting up a guard would've been a much more desireable play. Skeletal Dragon does a very similar thing, but it's card is delayed, it's stats are weaker, and it doesn't have the breakthrough kill possibility.

1 Night Talon Lord - He's here to be Night Shadow number 4. Now I understand that little girl costs less, and this is three more, but Little Girl never makes it to Ageless, and even when she does ends up being kind of "meh". A man that looks at Night Talon Lord and says "meh" is a better man than I. And that 9 magicka you'll find comes very quickly considering you're dropping a Pure Blood at 7. Aren't you? AREN'T YOU!?!? Remember that if you UR the Night Talon Lord, he'll resummon everything on your side of the lane that died too... which means absolutely everything if you had a Crafter out.

1 Blood Magic Lord - Paarth used to be here, but is guys synergy with UR is kingly. He's still your toolbox slot - but costs 3 less, combos faster, and can protect with corpse curse better than Paarth does with bounce.

3. What's Missing?

Lucien LaChance - He really only shines when you're already in the lead. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have another lethal in here and he hits crafter synergy very very well... but at 4 magicka, I'd rather be ramping again to ring out Pure Blood the next turn.

Little Girl - Don't play with her. She's as vulnerable as... as... well as a little girl. Silence, Firebolt, Execute, Chef, a sideways glance, the list goes on. You just spent four magicka for a paper weight when you could've been ramping to that Pure Blood.

Rapid Shot, Wind Keep, Dragontail - Explained earlier.

Odahviing - Finally! A missing card that might actually have a place. Even though we're swimming in magicka however, it doubles the chances of getting a 12 cost minion early, and that's just bad juju. It also isn't always the best thing to Gortwog out, hint hint.

Alduin - see above.

Mundus Stone - I really want to fit this card in there. Mundus stone does a lot more for this deck than most, because it pushes everything over the top. We want eerything to have guard. We want everything to have Drain and Breakthrough. We want everything to have lethal. We want everything to have charge! Hell... the only combinations that mundus stone would give us that we're not drooling over is ward and breakthrough on a treeminder, scout, or venomtongue. That's 78-80% chance that whatever keyword you get for whatever minion you cast is something they shouldn't let you be playing with. If early removal weren't so damned important, this goes in instead of a scout. Heck - do it anyway and let me know in the comments below how much you love it while I sit here whining "But I already wrote the guide!!"

4. Mulligans: Mulligans are very easy. Against spellsword, or if you KNOW the warrior or mage is playing control - go ahead and toss back scout. Then toss back anything you have that costs 4 (unless you paired up venomtongue and crossbow). Keep unpaired crossbows unless you're playing against battlemage or sader. The exception to the above is if you pull Gortwog and you KNOW you're playing against a midrange or late game build. Then look at what you have after the mulligan, and curse me for letting you toss back preservers for vigilant, and a Rage.

5. Playstyle - Put yourself on a clock and know what your opponent can alpha strike with. Remember things like 6/6 charging last gasp agility legends (ho hum...). Your clock should look like this: By turn 4 you want to still be above 20. By turn 5 you want to stabilize so they're needing to get a guardbreaker to continue facing you. At this point you can't be lower than 14 or so... or it's all uphill from there. If you're at 14 and you have a Night Shadow, drop him on 6 and pray he lives. If you don't, then ramp as fast as you can to try to 9 magicka lane clear and stabilize. You have enough guards though with crafter and preservers to pretty much stop them dead in their tracks when that 6 magicka ticks to 7. If you're below their alpha point, do everything you can to get above it (don't rune them at all, keep their board cleared, patiently get Night Shadow, Gort (for Night Shadow), or Night Talon out. Then nail them hard with it so that you can go back on the offensive.

The above scenario is really the only one where you end up losing. Once you have obtained control of the game state, watch for key cards and slowly chip their runes down if you've got Dark Guardian, or wait on a Breakthrough/UR combo in your hand if you don't. Regaining the board from Control Warrior requires a few key cards and you should be ready for them to come out - which means holding removal techniques. Those are Miraak, Supreme Atromancer, Odahviing/Alduin/Paarth, Gardener of Swords/Master of Arms combo (You should see this one coming), Triple chargers from Archer, or Market shenanigans.

Thanks for reading the guide. Good luck, but it definitely looks like this season Control Warrior will be doing better than last. If anything, last seasons card diluted spellsword against us and increased them against agro - which means the meta will become even more friendly and smart play will win the day.

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Really nice guide, thank you for the write up and the detail. I started playing this Tuesday and I think I lost 70% of the time at rank 5. With your advice, I am 3-0 but I am sure it will continue to be a little up and down.
The meta at rank 5 is far different than 2 and 1. You'll find you deal with a lot more cheese that just doesn't fly at more competitive ranks :(
yeah, it has been rough. currently sitting at about a 6-9 record. just going to keep grinding. I like the concept of the deck.
Vladi 2 years ago
Only for fun. Negative winrate after 20+ games.
Hedon said he had more success with it as he got closer to Legend. I think it is a better deck as you get higher.
I got to say, rank 5 is currently full off dudes with variants of rage decks.

Got my clock cleaned by a rage archer... ffs.
Nice guide, weak deck, lost 0/10 at rank 5.
I'm sorry you're not finding success with it. Rank 2 and climbing here with minimal play so far this season.
What an excellent guide to your deck! Thank you for taking the time.
RanterCZ 2 years ago
Thank you very much for the deck idea and extensive guide. I am currenty at at 70% winrate (out of 30 games). It helped me to climb from rank 8 to 5 in one day :-)
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