Mana Curve

3 2 14 10 10 6 3 2

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Prophecy 12
Ward 6
Slay 4
Charge 4
Last Gasp 4
Pilfer 3
Breakthrough 2
Lethal 1
Drain 1
Guard 1
Treasure Hunt 0
Betray 0
Regenerate 0
Rally 0
Plot 0
Exalt 0
Assemble 0


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Mid Dragon Assassin TOP 100 Legend (+ description)

By: tripleAAA
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Posted: 9 months ago
Updated: 4 months ago
Outdated (ForgottenHero patch)
Crafting Cost: 14600crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.

Mid Dragon Assassin TOP 100 Legend:

i played this assassin deck till legend top 100 and even reached top 10 at the end of the season back in april 2017.

the shell is a typical midrange assassin except the dragons.
(atromancers are no longer an option after the nerf)

over all this deck has no bad matchups which cant be said about all the other meta-decks right now.
so i'm pretty sure this is the deck to play on ladder if you are bored of token crusader and ramp scout. ;-)

this deck wins by building up constant pressure from the first 1-2 turns.
so having a two-drop in the opening hand (and a three-drop) is cruitial.
against token and aggro decks the life-gain-shell + playing the control game is the plan.
(valuable trades and gaining life points wins the game)

Mulligan Strategy:
as mentioned before holding a two-drop and a three-drop is the plan for the opening hand.
mulligan aggressively for those 2 and 3 drops. theres no way to be greedy.
murnhold traitor is the best two-drop in most cases. against tokens to trade fifth legion trainer
and against control and ramp for early pressure. (cards which counter traitor cost 4 or more mana)
murkwater shaman is the 4-drop to go for the token machup.
(it's a keep while mulliganing for 2-drops aggressively)
if aggro battlemage is the case goblin skulk and shrieking harpy is the best way to go.
(curses from skulk can kill early creatures like relentless raider, graystone ravager and wardcrafter)

Queen Barenzia and Woodland Lookout:
token crusader and aggro crusader + aggro prophecy battlemage are the reason why those 4 cards
made the cut. with 6 dragons in the list it actually works pretty fine for getting out of lethal range.

Mournhold Traitor:
at the moment traitor is the beter two-drop over daring cutpurse and others with just 2 attack.
the reason is fifth legion trainer and cards like brotherhood slayer.
even hive defender can be contested if combined with ward crafter.

Ancano and Taskad:
with no more atromancers those 2 cards became even more important as finishers.
but also great cards for fighting for board in the mid game.
its important to save completed contracts from brotherhood slayer to cast those two finishers earlier.
most times this deck wins by constantly pressuring the opponent.

Skulk, Shearpoint Dragon, Leaflurker and Murkwater Shaman:
the curse-package is perfekt for controling token decks and break through guards aagainst cotrol or ramp decks.
shearpoint and multible curses work like boardclears so saving up curses for the dragon often is the right way.
important: saving 1 curse for leaflurker in control or ramp matchups is the way to go for finishing off a blocking guard.

Lightning Bolt and Cliff Racer:
there are two ways using those cards. 1.) in the early game trading creatures with them is the way to go.
2.) both cards work as finishers.
its important to know when to play and when to keep them. is it nessesary to trade one more creature or keep to finish
the opponent one or two turns later.

is in every intelligence deck without an exception. kills goblin skulk, graystone ravager, relentless raider, circle initiate, orc clan captain, bruma profiteer, ...

feel free do comment and have fun/success with this list.

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solid deck, similar to mine! woodland are a lifesaver in this meta
1 Reply
tripleAAA 9 months ago
you got it on legend-decks? would like to see it.
How does the deck play against Scout?
1 Reply
tripleAAA 9 months ago
its pretty good. as most midrange decks do. too much pressure for scout.
Imalka Muthuk... 9 months ago
even against aggro decks i should go face if i have the board control right?and what do you think about adding ungolim to the deck,so far having good results.
2 Replies
tripleAAA 9 months ago
it depends on which aggro deck it is.

against aggro/token crusader you can go face because there are almost no prophecies in the typical crusader list.
the only problem is that you can give your opponent cards like raiding party, devine fervor and orc clan captains by brakeing runes. so if you dont kill him he has the chance to get lethal damage in hand. (can be 6 to 9 damage so be sure to have enough lifepoints)

if you face aggro battlemage its better to gain life first because of prophecies like morkul gatekeeper, protector of the innocent and lightningbolt on one of your leathal threatening creatures. suddenly you dont have leathal anymore but your opponent has.

in my opinion ungolim is a card for slower decks. a 1/1 isnt scary at all and the game should normaly be over before you draw the first brotherhood assassin.
I'd say you should stick with the rule of thumb of "mega board control".

Most aggro decks have a lot of burst potential so you're playing with fire there.
Still, if you've got the control on the board and in your hand to deal with whatever comes at you in the next round, then grind them down.
Is there a valuable replacement for Tazkad? I really don't have the crystals for him at the moment. :/
1 Reply
tripleAAA 9 months ago
taskad is not replaceable but you can add a third wardcrafter till you can craft him.
(maybe one surpreme atromancer is ok as a finisher but i personaly don't like playing atromancers anymore - 10 mana is too much for this kind of deck)
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