doomcrag combo war

By: Yannick YAD
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Posted: 10 months ago
Updated: 9 months ago
Outdated (1.66.1 patch)
Crafting Cost: 12350crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Seems good actually. Some changes for a more aggro deck. I was feed up to lose against mundus scout.

November stat :
- Archer : 12 games / 9 wins
- Mage : 9 games / 4 wins
- Warrior : 9 games / 6 wins
- Scout : 8 games / 6 wins
- Battlemage : 6 games / 6 wins
- Crusader : 5 games / 3 wins
- Assassin : 4 games / 3 wins
- Monk : 4 games / 2 wins
- Spellsword : 2 games / 2 wins
- Sorcerer : 1 game / 1 win

October stat
Archer : 39 games 22 wins - 56% WR
Crusader : 38 games 28 wins - 74% WR
scout : 34 games 21 wins - 62% WR
Warrior : 21 games 14 wins - 67% WR
battlemage : 17 games 14 wins - 82% WR
Mage : 17 games 12 wins - 71% WR
Sorcerer : 11 games 6 wins -
Spellsword : 11 games 6 wins - 55% WR
Assassin : 10 game 7 wins - 70% WR
Monk : 8 games 5 wins - 62% WR
Neutral : 5 games 5 wins - 100% WR

Well. Crusader seems to be the main target of this deck. Even if this deck is more aggro than the first one, it can easily race crusader.

Scout was rather a bad match-up on the contrary. I won half of the games against them on a first hand. But some against very bad players who thought that ramp scout is an aggro deck. My winrate is slightly better since the last change.

Very good against aggro/prophecy battlemage.

Average against lethal/rage archer, good against aggro archer.

Good against aggro warrior, not very good against orc, tie with ramp.

Good against all type of mage. Maybe less against support mage.

Average against mid sorcerer and not very good against control spellsword.

Reach leg #7 with this deck. Actually between 25-35.

9-2 / 9-1 during the last rixe.

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Really interesting deck, I think I lost about a week ago as token mage from something very similar to this.
In the runs you had, any non obvious soul tear targets that worked repeatedly well?
Also, how do you feel about the amulet support - was it paying of, do you plan to continue using it?
I am lucien and doomcrags away so hope to try the deck sometime in the future.
I used soul tear for almost everything. Another priest to destroy an enchantment. Another markarth who takes a javelin. Another stormcloack vangard for value. Another disciple of namira for the draw, Another vampire if i have sharpshooter in my hand. Another sharpshooter if i have a vampire in the board.... or a firebrand for lethal.

The amulet support is very efficient against aggro match-up. Aggro crusader. Aggro battlemage, goblin archer .... I don't plan to remove it. Even if it's a dead card against ramp scout / control mage by exemple. Well, you can actually bait a priest against ramp scout with it.

This deck is really built to counter aggro deck with an excellent winrate. That's why i climb from rank 4 to legend in two days with it. Most of my match-up were aggro decks.

But actually i meet letal archer / ramp scout. So it isn't really the best one in this situation.
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