Why's 100% F2P Road to Legend Deck

By: WhyMustISignIn
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Posted: 10 months ago
Outdated (1.66.1 patch)
Crafting Cost: 4150crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
I made a fresh account, with NO TWITCH DROPS, and NO MONEY, on Monday, and today (Wednesday), I hit rank 6 with this deck.

I did two solo arena runs, that was all of the straight farming I did.
I used the first 500 gold to buy Aela's pre-con deck and crafted all other cards needed without actually disenchanting anything at all.

This list is a bit different than how I ran it at rank 9. Observations so far:
Rank 12-10 are quite easy and can be done with any deck.
Rank 9 was 90% ramp scout, strangely enough. During this phase of the climb I was running 3x Triumphant Jarl, and had some other 'greedier' cards like Ulfric's Zealot, and I think this did better at exactly rank 9 with the high ramp scout pool.

Almost as soon as I hit rank 8, ramp scout disappeared, and I began to see a lot more aggro and token lists. This is where I really needed to cut Jarl and Zealot and get the list basically as it is now. The one off of harpy is probably not staying forever, but the amount of aggro I was seeing made me look at putting in a bit more reach (blow) and prophecy (harpy). Still, I think this version of the list is very close to where I want it to be.

In terms of being free to play, I feel like the only card I'm missing that I really want is Underworld Vigilante. Almost none of the legends in monored aggro are truly essential or objectively better than the cards here, in my opinion.

I will update this deck as I hope to hit legend with it this month to complete the journey!

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Thanks for the suggestion, I might try it out!
Mike JoYu 10 months ago
getting quick wins with this deck on rank 6 road to legend as well, very good appriciated.
Cheers mate, my recommendation/ hint would be to look up the 'time to fight' deck and vary it depending on your needs

Doing the climb as well right now with a Slay Archer... funnily enough I just finished a deck with Nightmother to deal exact lethal with breakthrough, so my opponent didn't quit before it triggered xD
This deck really sucks
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what matchups are you running against? There are several cards you need to switch out if you are running into more control oriented decks or ramp scout.
Great deck which lead me to rank 5 with not much effort. It loses steam if game goes over 6 or 7 turns but still good.
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After trying hard and having some luck I was able to climb up to rank 4, not too bad for such a budget fun to play deck
Uccurion 9 months ago
Using this deck right now! Decent thanks very much for sharing.
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