Petamax's Midrange prophecy mage. (#9 september)

By: Petamax
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Posted: 10 months ago
Updated: 8 months ago
Outdated (clockwork patch)
Crafting Cost: 15200crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
I was playing only this deck since the middle of september. I was winning so many matches that i made prophecy mage popular again.

Yesterday i saw Holven, who i defeat him easily on the saturday tournament with this deck, playing a really similar version of this one (no more than 3 different cards) and reaching #1.

Great again aggro, good again midrange, decent again control.

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great deck pal :D
i have everything except a 2nd copy of haafingar marauder. whats a good replacement or is that card core to the deck?
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Petamax 10 months ago
You can replace it.
I was playing a lot with this deck with really good winrate without it.
But is a huge card again control and some midrange decks.

You can replace it for Dawnbreaker, Loyal Housecarl, Royal sage or Golden Saint.
sUBzERoo 10 months ago
Thx for this very well refined deck. I was playing a similar prophecy mage deck, just a little more "aggroish" variant. I took out the Crown Quartermasters, the 3rd Marauder and the 2nd Royal Sage from my original list to replace it with Shadowfoots and Gourmets. This little change helped me A LOT and carried me on a straight 8:0 win streak from snake R1 to legend. I faced (and won against) all currently popular decks, e.g. Ramp-Scout, Rage Archer, Crusader (Aggro&Tokens) and even a pesky steal mage. Well, your deck is a pretty beast!
Ptero1989 8 months ago
Deck still works, fun to play. I replace x2 Haafingar Maruder and x1 Phalnax Exemplar for x1 Lurking Crocodlie and x2 Loyal Housecarl. Seven wins in a row.

Edit: 8-1 with this deck, now i made some update:
-3 Thieves Guild Shadowfoot
-2 Grisly Gourmet
-1 Hive Defender

+3 Camlorn Hero
+1 Eastmarch Crusader
+1 Dawnbreaker
+1 Royal Sage
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Petamax 8 months ago
Yeah, you made it more as a prophecy battlemage
The changes are better in an aggro/midrange meta.

I made it decent again control aswell with Shadowfoot/marauder because i made it for tournaments, and i wanted to be sure to be able to have a good chance of beating every archetype (i won top 32 tournament and a Warp tournament with this and other decks with same midrange prophecy idea)
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