Petamax's Midrange prophecy mage. (#9 september)

By: Petamax
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Posted: 3 months ago
Updated: 1 month ago
Outdated (clockwork patch)
Crafting Cost: 15200crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
I was playing only this deck since the middle of september. I was winning so many matches that i made prophecy mage popular again.

Yesterday i saw Holven, who i defeat him easily on the saturday tournament with this deck, playing a really similar version of this one (no more than 3 different cards) and reaching #1.

Great again aggro, good again midrange, decent again control.

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great deck pal :D
i have everything except a 2nd copy of haafingar marauder. whats a good replacement or is that card core to the deck?
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Petamax 3 months ago
You can replace it.
I was playing a lot with this deck with really good winrate without it.
But is a huge card again control and some midrange decks.

You can replace it for Dawnbreaker, Loyal Housecarl, Royal sage or Golden Saint.
sUBzERoo 3 months ago
Thx for this very well refined deck. I was playing a similar prophecy mage deck, just a little more "aggroish" variant. I took out the Crown Quartermasters, the 3rd Marauder and the 2nd Royal Sage from my original list to replace it with Shadowfoots and Gourmets. This little change helped me A LOT and carried me on a straight 8:0 win streak from snake R1 to legend. I faced (and won against) all currently popular decks, e.g. Ramp-Scout, Rage Archer, Crusader (Aggro&Tokens) and even a pesky steal mage. Well, your deck is a pretty beast!
Ptero1989 1 month ago
Deck still works, fun to play. I replace x2 Haafingar Maruder and x1 Phalnax Exemplar for x1 Lurking Crocodlie and x2 Loyal Housecarl. Seven wins in a row.

Edit: 8-1 with this deck, now i made some update:
-3 Thieves Guild Shadowfoot
-2 Grisly Gourmet
-1 Hive Defender

+3 Camlorn Hero
+1 Eastmarch Crusader
+1 Dawnbreaker
+1 Royal Sage
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Petamax 1 month ago
Yeah, you made it more as a prophecy battlemage
The changes are better in an aggro/midrange meta.

I made it decent again control aswell with Shadowfoot/marauder because i made it for tournaments, and i wanted to be sure to be able to have a good chance of beating every archetype (i won top 32 tournament and a Warp tournament with this and other decks with same midrange prophecy idea)
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