Mana Curve

0 1 11 12 12 6 5 3

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Prophecy 12
Guard 11
Slay 5
Drain 3
Breakthrough 3
Ward 3
Lethal 2
Last Gasp 1
Charge 1
Treasure Hunt 0
Betray 0
Regenerate 0
Exalt 0
Assemble 0
Pilfer 0
Plot 0
Rally 0


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Midrange Spellsword

By: LapisLazuli
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Posted: 10 months ago
Updated: 8 months ago
Outdated (1.66.1 patch)
Crafting Cost: 23850crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
EDIT: Disclaimer: I'll describe this later
alright fuck me this is my second time writing this after I COMPLETED WRITING THIS. Thanks for not saving refreshes.

Section 1: Why this?
Why... not this? It's an interesting challenge. People rarely expect it. It has some things going for it and presents a deckbuilding task. In my case it even kinda forced me to rethink uses for some cards (Resolute Ally being the biggest oddity).

The pros are nice. Once a creature appears on your board, your side almost never empties. The more creatures you have, the better you can support them and yourself. There's also the other thing that attracts me to spellsword in particular.


This thing is a godsend. At 3 you have Young Mammoth or Dawnstar Healer that force your opponent to react to them early. At 4 there's Cloudrest Illusionist or Black Dragon. 5 - Haafingar Marauder. 6 - Undying Dragon. 7 - Bone Colossus. Yikes.

Cons, however, are the reason why you rarely see this deck. It's 3 No's as I like to call it.

No draw - or... more accurately, average amount of very conditional draw. There is no draw card for spellsword that just draws you something from your deck like that, with a snap of a finger. Blackmail does so from opponent's deck. That's it.

No pings - Null. No card in Spellsword class lets you deal damage. Removal - sure, a plenty. But no damage. You have to use Crushing Blow.

No reach - You can't get damage from hand in Spellsword class, unless you have creatures on board. You get Dawnbreaker, Loyal Housecarl, Resolute Ally and other mediocre options.

Section 2: Matchups.

As of now the deck's 9-2 with a winstreak of 8 on legend at 10th day of the season. On my way there I have beaten ramp decks (scouts and warriors), control decks and aggro decks.

With that said, it all depends on how you draw.

If your starting hand against control w/ yellow has no Bruma Profiteer, say goodbye to safety.
Rage archer... god the rage archer. Pray. Hard. You do not want them controlling you. Take down any slayers on your way and try to limit your casualties when dealing with lethal creatures.
You can die to aggro if you don't have a board and there's no Dawnstar Healer ready to drop when dealing a lot of damage, but all in all you should be able to outlive anything they throw at you.
And midrange varies from deck to deck. Because we are avoiding Crushing Blow, midrange decks with Withered Hand Cultist cause us little to no harm. Garnag, Dark Adherent is also a non-factor in terms of its effect. Problem starts appearing when your opponent's midrange deck contains blue or is an archer. Then it can easily deal with your side of the board while keeping its units safe. Sorcerer... Midrange sorcerer is scary.

All in all the only matchup I'd call an auto-loss is rage archer. You're not that heavily favored against sheer aggro and especially tokens, control mage can cause you a lot of issues and everything else should be okay, more or less. Just ask your hottest waifu/girlfriend to lend her curves for your amazing plays.

Section 3: How to play, possible replacements, budget and not budget.

Basically... Drop the most expensive thing in your hand... except Ally.

Your early game is ideally anything that costs less than 2 except for Priest of the Eight, less than 3 except for Resolute Ally and either an extra one of these two or a 4 cost creature. For example, Bruma, Dawnstar and Descendant is wonderful without a ring.

Most of the cards on the list are easy to explain, so i'll try to mention the odd choices.

Descendant of Alkosh - It's a nice 1 drop that, if lasts (and sometimes that happens) can do a lot of nice stuff early. If your opponent wastes a removal on that, your 2 drops are that much safer against control. That's very good.

Kvatch Soldier - Kvatch is like the 3rd or 4th best yellow 2 drop. Its another special quality is in its stats. Against midrange assassin/scout/monk/archer you can drop it to block Goblin Skulk. It may not sound that huge, but trust me, you'll be happy his deck still has curses.

Priest of the Eight - It's a mediocre 2 drop, but I've yet to have a situation where it didn't draw me a card. I always ship it on mulligan unless I REALLY have to keep it. Also hey, it's a yellow card. Needed for...

Resolute Ally - God damn. This card has been a huge part of this deck ever since I started playing with it a month ago. In spellsword, it's NEVER shit. If there's a 1 creature on board, it's still a 4/4 worth of stats for 3/3. You know, a Young Mammoth. It's also a side-piece of reach your deck has. Execute protection. Enhanced board presence. I'm strongly advocating for it.

Loyal Housecarl - The other part of our reach. This one is less... powerful, but it can create guards in a pinch and is a really strong prophecy! One game I stopped aggro dead on its tracks because he let me summon that on rune breaks. First two.

Undying Dragon - So an obvious card for Ally would be a Golden Saint, right? Sure, he's great, a very nice budget addition. But Undying Dragon instantly causes your opponent to omit any trading. My health at the point of dropping it is almost always above 30 when playing against slower decks.

Everything else doesn't differ too much from anything other midrange decks use.

Other cards I could see used would be Wind Keep Spellsword, Dark Guardian, Grim Shield-Brother, Shadowfen Priest, Piercing Javelin, Golden Saint, Pillaging Tribune... Tonsa stuff that is really nice in there and I'm fairly certain I forgot about some stuff.

Now the budgetty part!
Descendant of Alkosh - Solitude Stalwart. Craft Descendants last, if at all - the upgrade is very minimal.
Dawnstar Healer - Grisly Gourmet for utility, Dark Guardian for a solid guard, Grim Shield-Brother for the closest mid-rangey function.
Cloudrest Illusionist - Just craft it. It's too good not to have in any deck with yellow. It's like a Daggerfall Mage. Freaking aggro decks use Cloudrest.
Dawnbreaker and The Black Dragon - 2 copies of Crushing Blow.
Edict of Azura - Piercing Javelin.
Haafingar Marauder - Whiterun Protector.
Loyal Housecarl - Knight of the Hour ideally. Shadowfen Priest x2 if you have them, as they are also pretty all-around useful to have, and a Crushing Blow.
Undying Dragon - Golden Saint. Second to last replacement probably. Not that huge of a change.
Bone Colossus - Since your 4 drops kinda vanish, Restless Templar is the smallest evil available imho. For the sake of it being so hard to replace, make it one of your priority craft.

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I see you fixed the draw and reach problem we talked about 😁. I like it bro 👍
1 Reply
eh, it's more playing to the deck's strengths.
javarama 10 months ago
Wow I really appreciate the time you took to explain your thought processes for each card and the synergies in the deck. Ive never played spellsword until today and the sheer carnage a 3 drop mammoth can do if a haafinger drops is scary :) thanks again
1 Reply
and it might be already out of date because I FORGOT DWARVEN ARMAMENTS ARE A THING
Can I replace the Undying Dragons with Night Shadows? Night Shadow also has Drain, has 1 more attack and has Breakthrough, is an Epic, but does not have the +5/+5 Ability if your health is over 30.
1 Reply
oh for sure, i just think that dragons are better as a reward for you getting sick tempo with dawnstars and aren't too big of a loss when you're below 30 health. More than that, Dragons can trade with creatures when you're behind as well, since you don't deal that breakthrough damage to opponent's face and, hence, you don't give him extra cards off rune pops.
Seems very good I woul want to try this but it's so expensive :D
1 Reply
just wait a month, a lot of stuff may vanish and reappear once Clockwork City hits
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