Mana Curve

0 11 15 12 9 3 0 0

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Guard 3
Last Gasp 3
Prophecy 3
Rally 0
Regenerate 0
Ward 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Slay 0
Plot 0
Lethal 0
Breakthrough 0
Betray 0
Charge 0
Drain 0
Assemble 0
Exalt 0
Pilfer 0


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By: Creestab
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Posted: 10 months ago
Updated: 10 months ago
Outdated (1.66.1 patch)
Crafting Cost: 5500crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
I spent tons of time tweaking and refining this list over time... and in the end, there are only 6 (previously 3) Epic+ cards! Budget price with competitive play, good alternative to Prophecy Battlemage if that playstyle isn't your thing. Win % is pretty good in Ranked so far, definitely one of my more go-to decks for grinding out ranks.

Here is where I would normally add budget alternatives, but there are very few! Only moderately pricey cards are Pit Lion, which I would replace with 2 Thalmor Justiciars and either a Firebolt or a Piercing Javelin, and Divine Fervor, which isn't really replaceable.

Some notes and possible clarification:

Why Mage?
A few reasons. For one, some of the weaker token slots can be filled with some spot removal like Lightning Bolt (which can also go to face and has Prophecy!). Corsair Ship is also amazing later on in the game to help with Tempo if you don't exactly have the most explosive start. Then last but not least, the tempo play of Brutal Ashlander into Soul Split is a crazy way to start a game; turn 2 and you have a good chance of removing your opponents turn 1 creature (or 3 to the face) PLUS two 3/2's, plus 1 to face with Ashlander if there isn't a blocker.

Alright, so if you run Intelligence, why Resolute Ally?
The odds of hitting a Willpower card on the top is still pretty good. I wouldn't rely on it to hit when calculating your gameplan methodically, but the possible upsides it provides still outweighs any other picks I could think of to include in the list. At worst, its a 3/3 for 3 that can also get buffs from everything else going on.

NOTE: I'm not amazing at this game, make at least a few misplays a game. I like this deck and probably will take time to learn it more. Also, with Aggro being really hard to make good in this current meta, this deck might not be as good as it could be in the future.

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Solid deck
Harshm 10 months ago
Great deck, thanks
Meritas 10 months ago
How far have you gotten on the ladder with this build?
1 Reply
Creestab 10 months ago
I am in college so i don't have much time to play unfortunately, but I've gotten to rank 9 with well over positive win ratio. I'm more of a brewer than a player honestly, though people seem to like my decks so I keep doing it :)
Meritas 10 months ago
Creestab wrote:
I am in college so i don't have much time to play unfortunately, but I've gotten to rank 9 with well over positive win ratio. I'm more of a brewer than a player honestly, though people seem to like my decks so I keep doing it :)
I can see where you're coming from, I'm going to come back and comment on my successes(hopefully), when I test if it can thrive in higher ranks.
1 Reply
Creestab 10 months ago
Awesome, let me know what you find and if any changes to the list are pertinent.
Acaeleus 10 months ago
Replacement for Marked Man? I don't have Dark Brotherhood Falkreath( i only have Wayrest).
2 Replies
Creestab 10 months ago
Thats a tough one, I'd probably recommend Kvatch Soldier or Summerset Shieldmage to make up for the lost defense (one keeps the Guard option while the others buffs a lanes Defense).
niker100 9 months ago
What can I replace the Corsair Ship with?
Zhøu Yeow 10 months ago
I registered just to post this comment.

This deck is superb, got me from Rank 8 to Rank 6, on a winning streak of 9-10 games. Great job. This deck is fast, aggressive and overwhelming when your cards are right.

Sometimes it does run out of steam, which is when I need to switch my style to aggro. Another issue is its lack of ability of taking out the much bigger creatures, especially if it has Guard. But usually the game ends by then.

Not to mention this deck is super cheap, great job!

Update: 16W:2L so far...
1 Reply
Creestab 10 months ago
I'm glad its working well for you! Love to see that it holds up in higher ranks :D
Chanter of Akatosh works well in this deck aswell imho
TSM Tails 10 months ago
The Daggers in the dark is reliant on you have 2 + creatures and even then it's random and +2 spread. Your Ally, Trainer, Fervor and Corsair Ship gives this buff across board.

Also Thalmar, whilst fairly useful, it is not fantastic for board presence considering there are better 3 drops in the game also you need actions to make him more worthwhile. This deck runs out of steam at times - as can all token decks. Why not consider a play set of Thieves Guild Shadowfoot. It has better stats for going wide, never a problem for tokens. Also allows you to dodge a prophecy when going face and most importantly gives you a simple +1 without any set up or requirements as with the Thamar requiring an action.

Also without Javelin, you need to increase the destroy actions elsewhere. Imprison should always be run at 3. I preach this to all players when I comment on their decks - good consistency is just as good as draw power.

Also consider dropping the firebolts for executes. As it'll increase your Willpower ratio for the Ally and Eight playsets and also get around common guards that will hinder you and force you into 2- 1 trades (thus slowing you down heavily) such as Dark Guardian.


-2 Daggers in the Dark
-2 Firebolt
-2 Thalmar

+2 Execute (Execute is never really ran at 3 anyway as it;s late-late game value drops)
+1 Imprison (maxing the set)
+3 Thieves Guild Shadowfoot

Other changes to consider IF you follow the above changes only:
-1 Soul Split
+1 Aryenn
(She's obtainable from story if you're lucky enough - but she can fish another destroy action. Soul Tear requires a creature and splits aggro, which is often not the optimal strategy.)

-3 Brutal Ashlander
+3 Pit Lion
(Not sure if you're trying to keep this budget and I am aware this is an epic. Also Ashlander is very buggy still and often fires off on even already dead creatures! - some people feel this chance is intended but even so, RNG sometimes can be harsh.)

Finishing notes would be that I like the deck idea and the fact that you can stack the Fervors with the Corsair Ships for some seriously hard hitting token waves. One good thing about tokens is the fact that they are always a problem almost anywhere on the ladder so there's no reason why you can't pilot this deck to higher ranks.

If you consider these changes, awesome, if you don't, goodluck either way sir! And to those using the deck also!

Thanks for posting the deck. :)
3 Replies
Creestab 10 months ago
Yea I've been considering dropping Daggers In The Dark for a while, probably should. Thank you for your help :)
Good suggestions. I'll give it a try, although I don't have 3 Pit Lions. :P
Creestab 10 months ago
Same, though I know what my gems are going towards now lol.
Zhøu Yeow 10 months ago
Creestab wrote:
Same, though I know what my gems are going towards now lol.
Managed to get Shadowmere on the other day. It is great in this deck! Few times that card alone won me games where it just charge in with all the attack buffs stacked up on him.

Currently Rank 4, running a variant of this deck based on the suggestions above.

Lost a few times to the super OP Breakthrough + Unstoppable Rage though, since this deck tends to flood the board. Its so broken.
Hamzerger 10 months ago
I love drawing cards and I love stacking effects, so this deck is a delight. Given how many tokens we can spawn I've tinkered a bit with Hero of Anvil as another tempo play. It's not as good as Pit Lion but if you're short on gems it's worth a consideration.
4 Replies
Creestab 10 months ago
I'd agree, i don't have it listed as a budget alternative due to the equal gem cost, but if you happen to have one and not the other it is definitely a suitable substitute.
Hero of Anvil sounds like a nice addition.
Mordirith 10 months ago
I don't have Pit Lion and I replace it with Imperial Siege Engine, that card becomes at least a 5/5 and in a better case a 10/7
Creestab 10 months ago
The cost of ISE might be a bit high for 1 body in this deck, but it's not the worst option if you are just starting off.
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