Legend-high winrate late game control

By: Rovik
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Posted: 1 year ago
Updated: 10 months ago
Outdated (1.69 patch)
Crafting Cost: 18000crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.

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Winner 1 year ago
Amazing deck i was stuck in rank 8 but then i got to rank 5 with this deck. That you for this dexk dude.
Sniper 1 year ago
Perfecto maestro Rovik :D
4rianus 1 year ago
Really good control i got to legend with this control deck thanks for this deck
Damn this deck is op
I know there's no creature that can replicate Lydia's ability, but what would best suit a substitution for her?

It's the only card I don't have, and I'm short on gems.
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I would simply go with a third Knight of the Hour.
Great Deck. 10 win games in a row. Climbing the ladder. THX
Our master and savior. I built and tested like 6 control mage decks this season and got so frustrated that I checked LD and only this one worked! Thank you man! Got rank 4 straight from serpent. I thought that lack of Undying Dragons won't let me stabilize but so far it seems 3 Elixirs are enough, strangely. Their huge plus is that aggro don't usually run support removal and they can't be deleted like Dragons.
how can you just buy this deck ????
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Rovik 1 year ago
What you mean?you need to get all cards or get soul gems to craft it
thats the only way? sorry noob to game its really fun tho trying to build this deck but seems not likely.....
ControlTime 1 year ago
I mainly play Control, but i don't understand the elixirs here. It meant to replace undying Dragon?

Lategame with no Elusive's?

Cunning ally is kinda risky.

I think Mage's Trick is auto include same as Crushing blows.

Cutting High Defenders? The most broken 4 drop in game?
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Rovik 1 year ago
elixirs are cheap 6hp heals for 1mana and aggro decks dont run support removals and its also good card to play in first round. elusives are too slow and not worth, better are cunning ally cuz they give you almost every time firebolt which can help you with 2 dmg+cunning allies are better as bodies on board. mage trick is only one dmg,better is firebolt, only one hp heal you have elixirs for heal there and for cards you ahve pickpoket girls there. and you dont need much cards draws cuz goal with this deck is to do worth kills like kill two minions with wardcrafter with ward on herself so your opponent will get out of cards in hand then you try to kill him. and tome of alterno from dagerfall mage does draw you card+does more than mage trick. and i dont have 3 hive defenders there because as guards i have conjuration scholars there which can give you more than one guard with dark rebirth.
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