Item Warrior ft Rage and the Rihad Twins

By: SirChoate
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Posted: 1 week ago
Updated: 1 day ago
Up to date (1.66.1 patch)
Crafting Cost: 13800crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
edit 11/15/2017: Experimenting without the Battlefield Scroungers. This could go either way. On one hand, they are a great finisher late game as you tend to have an extra item or two, so they essentially become 5/5+. On the other hand, this deck feels like it needs a stronger presence at times and can run out of steam too fast, so adding in some bulky Blood Dragons and Reive should also help make an impact.

Welcome, friend. This deck plays out as a mid-range deck with a few tricks and combos up its sleeve. I am likely going to be refining this throughout November so stay tuned for updates as I look to optimize it for consistent success at higher levels of play. My first round of updates today included cutting out a Doomcrag package as well as lowering the curve to give it more survivability against aggro. It proved successful as this deck has absolutely been crushing Crusader and Battlemage.

My idea when making this deck were two things: Warrior's Fury and the Rihad twins. All three cards currently see little play, so I thought, let's change things up! They aren't really that bad, and can be helped out by adding the naturally resilient creatures available to Warrior. Unfortunately the Warrior's Fury didn't end up making the final cut but the Rihad creatures are quite useful.

Early game: You need a two drop, preferably Dragontail Savior or Wind Keep Spellsword. I'll keep Protector of the Innocent if I don't have either, but you should not keep Rihad Horseman. It does not trade well early game. It is much better to throw him back in the deck for later in the game where you can hide him behind a guard or use him to combo with Unstoppable Rage (more on that below).

You should be looking to make favorable trades to maintain a decent card advantage. Eventually you will catch some momentum and start being able to put down Sower of Revenge, which begins the snowball that most decks won't be able to handle.

Card choices:

Weapons: Improvised Weapon / Steel Scimitar / Enchanted Plate: Three versatile, usable weapons that can be used on almost anything. Best for buffing up guards or creating monsters out of Rihad Battlemage or Rihad Horseman. These are the best weapons to use because they are cheap and enable rage combos while allowing you to continue to play on curve, something that more expensive weapons like Shieldbreaker will not.

Early game: Designed to trade favorably and take control of board, that's why we see things like Dragontail, Wind Keep, Dark Guardian, and Young Mammoth.

Mid Game: Start to see more less heavy stat minions in favor of some that interact with the board: Dushnikh Archer, Earthbone Spinner, and Battlefield Scrounger. Need these for favorable trades, pings, and to silence off things that might help your opponent come back, like a Brynjwolf or Undying Dragon.

Withered Hand Cultist: Simply a great card, HEAVILY denies archer as well as Battlemage, while making the matchup against Crusader more favorable as well as it shuts down Raiding Party and Crusader's Assault.

Garnag: Helps limit your opponent from stabilizing as well as shutting down pesky control / Scout decks for a turn or two.



Rihad Battlemage + Enchanted Plate: Creates a 3/9 Guard as early as turn 3 that will be annoying as hell for your opponent to remove.

Rihad Horsemen: Add any item and you have yourself a strong rage combo for as little as 9 or 10 magicka.

Improvised Weapon + Creature on Board + Unstoppable Rage: Easy way to clear a lane and get some face damage in as well. If you are pushing lethal, this will help close out the game and your opponent will be totally unexpecting.

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Been fun to play. I think ill do tomorrows gauntlet with this and see how I get on.Thanks for sharing
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Awesome, good to hear! Let me know how it works out for ya!
will try this one thanks!
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SirChoate 54 minutes ago
Anytime mate, good luck!
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