Dragon Ramp (Legend) - guide included

By: eriklindham
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Posted: 1 year ago
Outdated (1.66.1 patch)
Crafting Cost: 18200crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Hi all!

I've climbed to legend with this deck in September, then i didn't play in October but am going for it again now in November and it still works well. My winrate is around 70%.

Like most ramp decks, the overall strategy is of course to gain as much mana as soon as possible while blocking your opponent from damaging you with Guards. You want to play your big damage cards as soon as possible, putting a lot of pressure on your opponent with Paart and Oda in particular. Other great sources of damage/control in your lategame are Red Bramman, BM Lord, Nag, Skelly Dragons and Tazkad as a finisher.

Match ups
Easy vs most control decks but can be quite difficult against super aggro if you're unlucky with the draws. But if you manage to have around 15-20 health at turn 7-8 you'd probably win.

You want to mulligan for early cars draws with Thieves Guild Recruit, and also keep Treeminder, Daring Cutpurse, Ungolim and Drain Vitality. If you're up against aggro then you should also save Murkwater Witch. I only mulligan for Hist Grove when i got the mana crystals.

Card explenations
Drain vitality - good early card, also a game changer when levelled up
Ungolim - great for turn 1, and can provide important extra card draws
Word Wall - to upgrade shouts, but can be good to block damage if you're under pressure
Daring cutpurse - good early game pressure
Fighters guild recruit - can be played early to block damage/pressure opponent for removal but also save you late game as prophecy
Murkwater Witch - great removal/block, especially vs aggro
Snake Tooth Necklace - late game health replenish. I never use it on a friendly that's lower than 6 power
Thieves guild recruit - very, very important card to this deck since you have many high cost cards
Dark Guardian - cheap Guard that works well in the current meta with a lot of aggro prophecy decks
Hist Grove - mana builder, works wonders with late game Mundus Stone
Tree Minder - also very important card, early guard which usually prevents face damage for one round
Woodland Lookout - i usually play this around turn 4-6, where odds are high you can trigger it
Mundus Stone - now this one is pretty interesting, and can really change the whole game if played right. By right i mean that you should never play this card early on, and never without dropping a good card together with it. The best synergy comes from 15 mana when you have 1-3 Hist Groves active, usually giving you at least one 8 power minion with charge
Preserver of the root - defense card that can be played in the shadow lane around turn 5-6
Leaflurker - removal only
Shadowfen priest - late game removal
Thorn Histmage - a great ramp. I play this as soon as i can, nice synergies with the cheaper ramp cards
Shearpoint Dragon - the best 6-drop in the deck. Will kill/neutralize most mobs mid-game.
Naghagliiv - heavy defense card which is tough for opponents to deal with, especially if it's synergized with Thieves Guild Recruit and you drop it on 5 mana
Skeletal Dragon - defense that can be synergized with TGR and can provide some real life savers if you draw a boosted Guard
Blood Magic Lord - important late game card. I try to wait to play until 11 mana so i can drop it together with the summon card, 30% chance for it to chain the lane giving you a high chance to Slay on next turn
Red Bramman - haha, this card generate sooo much hate, especially towards aggro decks. Great fun to play
Tazkad - late game finisher/removal
Odahviig - strongest card in the deck - hands down. Don't play it unless you will kill at least three minions
Paarthurnax - can be very random depending on what shouts you draw, but still a great late game threat

Please let me know what you think of this deck, and if you'd recommend any changes. Again i reached Legend with this deck and i'm currently rank 4 this season.

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Ungolim doesn't do what you think it does in terms of card draw. If you hadn't shuffled the bodyguards in then you would still draw the card they draw you.

Mundus stone... just no. If you're using to give charge to your leviathans its a win more card, i'd rather have something that effects the board when you play it.

with all the dragons in your deck, midnight snack makes a better 2-drop than cutpurse or snake tooth. If you're worried about your life total chuck some giant bats in, and the lack of soul tear surprises me too. Replaying fatties gives you something to do with all your magicka.
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