universal Control Monk

By: Aristeion
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Posted: 1 year ago
Updated: 11 months ago
Outdated (1.69 patch)
Crafting Cost: 17550crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This deck was created to be prepared to contest every type of decks (both aggro like token decks and other like control decks) and to have an answer for every opponent's play. When You play this deck You are on the winning position for most of the duel and You feel comfortable thanks to early game creatures and several ways to recover your HP.

Deck advantages:
+ good card draw engine
+ aswers for power levels of every creatures
+ lots of live gain
+ high amount of propercy cards

1. Good matchups against aggro decks because of debufs inclusion and drain creatures.
2. High winrate against ramp scout (and other ramp decks) because of posibility to push lots of damage in early game.
3. Prophercies helps You to return when the opponent has an advantage at the early game.
4. High amount of guard creatures allows you to defend and stabilize board by favourable trades.

Try it by yourself and push legend with this very versatile and prepared for every type of deck.
Fall in love with Control Monk! :)

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Very good deck. 4W 0L so far.
Grat deck!
any replace for ahnassi and ungolim?
1 Reply
unfortunately there is no good replacements fot these cards eff i think, but You can also Play: 2x Penitus Oculatus Agent or add Tazkad or 3rd copy of Devour and execute :) I would do that
i must be missing something. this deck seems pretty weak 30% win rate with it. Against aggro by the time I can play the big cards im dead and seems most aggro decks are able to deal with the few cards i can get down. The low amount of lower cost cards makes the early game a total crap shoot. Im also finding verse ramp decks that they are able to get out far more of the same type of creatures mostly due to having twice the resources. So not sure what rank you are playing this at and what type of decks it is successful against. Could be me thouhg as i am not the greatest player so perhaps i dont know what im doing.
Aristeion 1 year ago
Chris Podolsky wrote:
The low amount of lower cost cards makes the early game a total crap shoot.
There is Unglim for 1, also 6 2-cost creatures, 8 3-cost creatures (so 15 low cost creatures), few low cost removal spells, so I don`t understand You think that early game is a crap :) I`m curently at rank 4 , I was 90% winrate on rank 5, Im going to push legend this season with this deck. Also look previous comments and maybe try again :)
Good Luck! ^^
a "crap shoot" as in unreliable, 50% of the deck is 4 drops and up. I found that often i wouldn't get a creature out until turn 4. Also some the removal is unreliable. For example many aggro decks buff creatures past 2 power making execute unusable and again during the early stages there is not enough resources for a cloudrest execute combo. Overall I found the lack of early game consistency put me to far behind to come back. That has been my experience with this deck. Here again I am far from being a good player I just thought I would add my feedback. Thank you for posting this deck it was fun to play despite my bad luck with it. I will continue to play it to see if maybe I was having a run of bad rng.
Thanks for Your feedback,
I hope you will succeed :)
AryaDark 11 months ago
ingenium775 wrote:
any replace for ahnassi and ungolim?

Perhaps you can put Dawn Breaker in for Ahnassi if you have it. Both of the cards you ask about are unique legendaries so they aren't THAT important to the deck. Just replace them for whatever you think might fit in well. Maybe a third copy Cloudrest or a third copy of Werebat.
RusAD 11 months ago
I've played a couple of games with this and won all of them. Seems pretty solid and it's a lot of fun to play. Though Finish Off was a dead card in the first game, so I swapped it for Leaflurkers. I'm also not quite sure about Varanis Couriers. Card draw is nice, but the card itself seems a bit too weak, and I'm thinking about swapping them for Hive Defenders, but I'm not quite sure. Anyway, thanks for sharing this deck!
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Aristeion 11 months ago
Thank you for You feetback, maybe you`re right about Leaflurkers, I will also try them :)
большое спасибо :D
AryaDark 11 months ago
Yeah I think Leaf Lurker is just flat out better than Finish Off in these types of decks.
Aristeion 11 months ago
AryaDark wrote:
Yeah I think Leaf Lurker is just flat out better than Finish Off in these types of decks.
Yeah, I tested it and it seams much better :)
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