Top 100 Cheap Legend Chanter Monk (W/ Description)

By: AromeoW
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Posted: 5 days ago
Updated: 5 days ago
Up to date (1.66.1 patch)
Crafting Cost: 9600crystal
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The deck centers around some of the best 2-drops in the game, and most games it jumps to an early lead so fast that other decks can't keep tempo. It plays extremely aggressive from the jump with hard hitting creatures, but if you fall behind, Chanter brings you back with free summons with solid removals.


Having solid 2-drops from the start is crucial, and the curve is so heavy there that you almost can't miss it. Especially looks for combos like Fifth-Legion into Mournhold and jump to an early lead. Ditch any actions unless you need to keep an execute or a Finish-Off from a bad first draw.

If going face doesn't win you the game outright, each action is designed to bring you back with Akatosh. Once he's in play, any 1-cost action immediately summons Ungolim, and any other 1-cost summons an assassin, giving you card draw and great removal against big creatures right when you need it.

Since you've probably almost won by the time Chanter is played, the crushing blow immediately gives you a bat with charge and drain, and if Trainer or Ferver is down, thats up to seven free damage with one 3-cost action.

Slaughterfish summoning is super strong with Fervor/Trainer, and if Chanter is down you're probably getting a Hive Defender to protect it.

Also a late-game Javelin with Chanter either summons a leaflurker (so make sure theres another injured enemy on the board) or a cliff racer. The idea is to destroy the guard with the Jav, then win the game with the cliff racer.


I normally save shadow shifts to summon assassins, but since your assassins are the only other card draws, the shadow shifts can also work well to gain an extra card and avoid guards when you're being aggressive.

Murkwater Witch:
Great for protecting your strong 2-drops, as well as pinging big enemies to finish with a Leaflurker or Finish Off.

With 3 attack (and usually more with Fervor or Trainer), Bruma is super strong for great trades/health gain when combined with Slaughterfish Summoning or Chanter later in the game.

Mournhold Traitor:
Probably the best 2-dop there is, especially in agro decks, and the weak guard the enemy summons is usually no problem for removal when you'll have so many creatures down anyway.

Giant Bat:
Amazing for quick health gain/injuring big creatures to finish with Leaflurker or Finish Off.

Used mostly for trades or getting rid of guards when you're falling behind, and she gets great value especially when some of your strong attack creatures have low health. Also combing with execute destroys any creature with <7 power for only 5 magicka.

Hive Defender:
A staple for protecting lanes and allowing your Cutpurse/Slaughterfish to become unstoppable or keeping health grain creatures alive.

Cliff Racer:
Can get rid of nasty guards quickly, or can be used as a solid finisher.

One of the best finishers in the game. A 6 power charge with another 4 power creature on death? Since your opponent is likely almost dead by the time 9 magicka rolls around, Tazkad is almost an insta-win.

There are only two copies of each action so make sure you always have board presence with solid creatures. Its fast enough to avoid those awful swamp leviathans in late games, but its strong enough to keep token crusader and battle made under control, That said, the deck can struggle a bit against control mage with perfect draws, but usually its fast enough to win the game before control mage can build a solid board.
I feel like no one is really playing control mage anymore anyway, lol.

Best of luck and let me know how you do with it !!!!

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Damn. Brilliant combo with chanter/Ungolim. The charges get really strong too to close it out.
Mournhold Traitor replacement?
1 Reply
AromeoW 5 days ago
Traitor is extremely strong in this deck. If you can get one or two Trainers down first you get a 2-drop with 6 attack which is sometimes just overpowering. If you can't get it I'd go with something like Kvatch Soldier or fighters guild recruit and play the deck a little slower.
Win Rate?
1 Reply
AromeoW 5 days ago
usually right around 80%
Just played the deck. Went 5-1. Nice deck, always seems to draw just what you need. Good balance.
Really enjoy playing this deck. I thought about getting a third chanter into it though because hard removal for single cards is pretty popular right now and my chanters only survive one turn, if at all, and function rather as meat shields for actions instead of being part of a combo.
2 Replies
AromeoW 3 days ago
Ive experimented with a third chanter and it has had it's positives and negatives. He's really powerful when he lands his combos, but you run the risk of drawing two or three in the first few turns and being dead in the water.
I did the math, and the chances of drawing one in a deck with three chanters before turn five are, extra card draw not included, below 50%. Often I don't draw one at all, and considering that I basically never draw the needed cards in any deck that relies on a specific card, I might give it a try.
great deck. really fun. I don't have mourholds using caravan enforcer probably not the best choice but they sometimes get buffed from shadow shift. Thanks for posting this.
1 Reply
AromeoW 3 days ago
Thats not a bad option either. I tried the move package with the deck and had some success, but ultimately decided it was just too fragile in matches with good removal.
i don't feel your glory, doesn't work on rank 5 even. one of the humps you have to cross. may be better later on, but not at rank 5. i have been all the way down, but if the deck can't get you past the level 5 people, it is crap!
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